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Leader Recruiter

Anushree Dasgupta, Leader Recruiter
Anushree Dasgupta, Leader Recruiter
Anushree Dasgupta

Anushree Dasgupta (she/her) has been in recruitment since 2012. She is keen on building connections and finding networks of communities. Prior to joining PEPS, Anushree worked in software development and technical hiring for companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Rivian and Amazon.

Outside of PEPS: Anushree lives in Kirkland with her spouse. Her parents live nearby as well. She likes to read. She is also interested in true crime, fiction and history shows. 

Education: Anushree has an MA in Sociology from Columbia University in New York. She has a BA in Communication from Santa Clara University. She has a certification in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace from the University of Southern Florida. / 206–508-1767

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