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Parents of Adolescents and Teens

PEPS Program for parents of adolescents and teens

Adolescence, known as the transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood, is a time of great opportunity, as well as risk and vulnerability.

For many years, PEPS has heard from our communities that there is a gap in peer-support services for parents and caregivers of adolescents and teens. This feedback is, in fact, backed up by research.

PEPS has been fortunate to have supported thousands of new parents through their journey into parenthood and our organization may be uniquely poised to respond to this developing need. And, we are very excited to embrace the opportunity and responsibility to support families with adolescents and teens!

In developing a program to support parents of adolescents and teens, PEPS strives to strengthen family relationships, reduce parental isolation, and improve the mental well-being and relationships between youth and parents through a peer-support model. Both parents and adolescents need empowering support, research-driven information and resources, and community during this period of newness and rapid changes.

The Program

PEPS successfully secured funding through generous grants from King County Best Starts for Kids and the Jolene McCaw Foundation. We are so grateful for this extended financial support. With this grant funding, PEPS is now able to develop, pilot, and implement a new program to offer a facilitated peer-support program for parents with adolescents and teens.

We started the process in January 2020, and anticipate a two-year program development and capacity-building timeline, which will include several stages:

  1. Data collection (through focus groups across socio-economic and ethnic groups with parents, teens/pre-teens, and experts; surveys; research; and landscape analysis) - Winter 2020
  2. Capacity building (personnel, group leader recruitment, funding) - Spring 2020
  3. Program development (curriculum and group leader training) - Winter 2021
  4. Pilot groups (including evaluation and adaptation) - Spring 2021
  5. Program implementation and ongoing program evaluation and adaptations - Fall 2021 and beyond

Now that preliminary information has been gathered, we are determining the structure of curriculum for this program, using resources from other evidence-based programs, along with guidance from professionals in the field of family therapy, and adolescent and teen mental health. We envision providing a space that will support the needs of both parents and youth during this transitional time in a family’s life.

What’s Next

Interested in participating in a pilot program for Parents of Adolescents and Teens? Learn more here!

Interested in joining an Affinity program to meet families who share an identity in the future or would like to suggest an affinity? Fill out our interest form to be contacted about the next available series or other series we develop to connect families with similar interests.

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