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2022 Annual PEPS Benefit Campaign

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Or mail your donation to:
Program for Early Parent Support
4649 Sunnyside Ave N, # 324
Seattle, WA 98103

If you would like to transfer stocks, give through your Donor Advised Fund or give a gift of cryptocurrency, please email

The best part?

Thanks to a generous donor, 100% of all gifts will be matched. That’s right: making a donation during our giving campaign—in any amount—will double its impact! Read on to find out what inspired our matching donor's generosity.

All donations will be matched

Thank You Donors!

Thank you generous donors

Thank you Sponsors!

Event Sponsors 2021

Get to know the entire Benefit Campaign sponsorship team here.

Thank you Champions!

Synchronicity Events | Daniele Mrozek | Nash Fung | PEPS Board | PEPS Staff

We are changing it up & keeping it simple this year.

During the month of March we are aiming to collectively raise $100,000 and we need our entire community to come together in support of parents like Gergana, Posey and Rusna.

The Magic of PEPS: A place to say raw feelings out loud.

✨The Magic of PEPS: Parents becoming parents together.

✨ The Magic of PEPS: Parents knowing they’re not alone.

Missed our giving campaign kick off? Watch this video collection of cuteness. It'll bring a smile to your face.

May Gergana's, Posey's and Rusna's PEPS story and these adorable PEPS kids inspire you to send your love and make a donation.

We hope we can count on you!

PEPS relies on the generosity of the community to continue offering critical peer-support programs for parents. Responding to need, we have significantly expanded programs to support expectant parents, newborn and second-time parents, LGTBQIA+ parents, single parents, parents of children with developmental challenges and disabilities, parents of adolescents and teens.  The need is dire. Parenting probably has never been harder. Parents are struggling. A national emergency has been declared by the Surgeon General and the American Association of Pediatricians regarding the mental health crisis of teens. Parents need to know that they are not alone; need to be able to learn, laugh and cry in community. And that's what PEPS offers.

Yes, I Want to Support Families

Tell a friend

This year, we need many people who help us reach our goal. Please send a note to a friend after you have made your donation. You can find some templates here.

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