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Collaborations FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about PEPS Collaborations:

What is the difference between a Community Partner and a Network Partner?

PEPS works in collaboration with various organizations to increase access to PEPS Groups.

  • A Community Partner is a nonprofit organization that PEPS works in partnership with to provide parent peer-support groups within the PEPS service area.
  • A Network Partner is a nonprofit organization or small business serving families outside of the PEPS service area. Network Partners pay a licensing fee to use our curriculum and training to offer parent support groups in their community.

Who attends a group led by a Community Partner?

Community Partnerships are unique and collaborative. Each organization works with different kinds of families and brings their own expertise and connections to work with PEPS on offering parent peer-support to their community.

How does PEPS collaborate with Community Partners?

PEPS works closely with partner organization staff and Group Leaders to adapt our core curriculum to be culturally relevant while maintaining the core research-informed Strengthening Families framework.

We offer support through training, curriculum, evaluation tools, and coaching, while the Community Partner manages organizing, promoting, and leading the peer-support groups.

How are Community Partnerships funded?

Each Community Partnership is unique. PEPS is committed to a relationship-based approach, co-creating a partnership that works best for all parties. Some Community Partners use in-kind investments of time and resources, while others use collaborative funding. PEPS works with each partner to draft a budget and discuss funding possibilities.

How can I learn more about becoming a Community Partner?

Fill out the Community Partners interest form and our Partnerships Manager will reach out to you to set up a conversation.

What are the benefits of joining the PEPS Network as a Network Partner?

Network Partners purchase the license to use PEPS curricula in their geographic community. Network Partners receive curriculum, training, and individual coaching, as well as access to Network Gatherings where members share ideas, questions, and resources.  

I am an individual who wants to offer PEPS Groups in my area. Can I join as a Network Partner?

In order to ensure consistency and quality over time, the PEPS Network is for nonprofits or small businesses only.

Why do you offer Flexible Pricing for Network Partners?

Network Partners can choose from a menu of PEPS curricula and training: Newborn, Connecting the Expecting, and Parents of Adolescents and Teens. Additionally, we have four pricing options, based on a Network Partner’s annual budget. Network Partners who choose to continue the partnership beyond their first year will be eligible for fee discounts. Our equity work is based on relationships and value-based conversations, and we are always open to talking about what may work best for your organization.

What are the PEPS curricula?

PEPS offers three different expert-reviewed curricula: Connecting the Expecting for expectant parents and partners, Newborn and Baby Peppers for families with a child under age one and Parents of Adolescents and Teens for parents of that age group.  Our programs are based on the Strengthening Families framework from the Center for Social Policy and have gone through several different anti-bias educational reviews. Our programs are based in peer-support, racial equity, and are inclusive of families with diverse backgrounds and identities.

Our curricula are available in English and Spanish.

How do I find out more?

Fill out Network Partners interest form and our Partnerships Manager will reach out to you to set up a conversation.

I have a business or product I want to share with the PEPS community, is there a way to do that?

To learn more about opportunities to spread the word about your product or services, please connect with our Development Director, Marion Mohrlok, at

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