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Understanding Flexible Pricing

We believe everyone deserves access to our programs which is why we offer Flexible Pricing program fee options. These options allow families to choose the amount that works best for them AND help to keep our program fees accessible. 

PEPS is a non-profit, and program fees only cover a portion of the cost to offer groups. 
We encourage you to select Choice A if you are able or select the option that works best for you at this time. 

View Flexible Pricing program fee options.

 Why does PEPS have a program fee?

Our dedicated staff of 18 works to connect 5,000 parents yearly through our programs and community partnerships. To continue this vital work, program fees cover 20% of our annual budget, with the remaining 80% covered by individual donations, foundations, and grants.

Learn more about PEPS program fees.

Why does PEPS offer Flexible Pricing?

PEPS aims to make our programs and services accessible to every family who wants to participate. Our fees consider the number of parents, program length, facilitation, and the training and support for Group Leaders.

Choosing a higher Flexible Pricing program fee if you can, helps:

  • Make our programs accessible to more families.
  • Fund special projects like Affinity Groups.

How does Flexible Pricing work?

Your fee choice is personal and confidential. Full financial assistance is available, and your choice won't affect the quality of your experience.

Questions? Comments? Contact us at, call us at 206-547-8570, or visit our FAQs.
"Thank you for offering this option, we likely would not have made the choice to participate otherwise due to many conflicting financial obligations that come with a new baby!" —PEPS Group participant

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