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Partnerships with Community-Based Organizations

Our Partner Community-Based Organizations

PEPS provides training, curriculum and support to organizations who want to provide peer-based parent support to their clients, organizations, and communities. If you are a nonprofit working with underserved families in King, Snohomish, or Pierce County and you are interested in our Community Partnerships, please fill out our interest form. If you are located outside of our service area, or are a for-profit organization, learn about our Network Partners program.

PEPS local partnerships are rooted in a spirit of listening and learning, and seeking to understand how we can improve and adapt the PEPS parent peer-support model to be increasingly responsive to the needs of the parents in communities and groups across King and Snohomish County. This work has been informed by our commitment to racial equity and an organizational assessment that gathered input from parents and community-based organizations to learn about how PEPS can better show up for families in our region.

Local partnerships bring parent peer support to communities that we had not served before — or served well — in the past. We strive to build meaningful relationships that meet the unique needs of the organizations and parents involved. PEPS invests resources and staff to train team members of partner organizations on the PEPS model, curriculum and evaluations, and receives critical feedback on adaptations and adjustments that help the groups better meet the needs of parents. Everything we have learned from these partnerships shaped our path forward and will continue to inform our work – both in partnerships and in neighborhood PEPS Groups. Learn more about each of these unique partnerships below.


Africans on the Eastside

Africans on the Eastside Youth-Family-School-Community

Africans on the Eastside (AOE) is an ad-hoc group comprised of parents, youth scholars, community members and grassroots organizations who have come together to actively address the impacts of institutional racism and racial inequity, particularly on the east side of Seattle. AOE's mission is to serve students' diverse needs and their families as a unit through outreach and engagement, education, advocacy training, leadership opportunities and development. PEPS and AOE have partnered since 2024 to offer the Parents of Adolescents and Teens (PAT) Program to immigrant families on the Eastside. 


Being the Village is committed to amplifying the voices and experiences of Black mothers.

Being the Village

Being The Village is a culturally specific support group that caters to Black mothers and is welcome to mothers of color. Our mission at Being The Village is to create a support system for those who often feel isolated, ignored, and overwhelmed. Curating a space to be human, perfectly flawed, and figuring this motherhood thing out. Together.


ChildStrive logoChildStrive

ChildStrive works with families in their home and community settings to provide services that support the primary caregiver relationship and build on family strengths. All of their programs adhere to evidence-based practices and focus on incorporating opportunities for learning into everyday life, maximizing how infants and toddlers learn. PEPS and ChildStrive have partnered since 2019 to offer peer support groups in Spanish to families in the Everett area, including the Parents of Adolescents & Teens (PAT) Program starting in 2022.


Denise Louie Education Center serves over 975 children and their caregivers a year through our quality early learning services. Home Visiting program recognizes that parents are every child’s first and forever teacher.Denise Louie Education Center 

Denise Louie Education Center (DLEC) promotes school and life readiness by providing multicultural early learning services to children and families, especially those who need their services the most. They respect and preserve each child and family’s individuality, cultural heritage, and home language. PEPS and DLEC have partnered since 2021 to offer Spanish and multi-lingual peer support groups to families in their home visitors program. 


Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center

Hearing Speech & Deaf Center

At the Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center (HSDC), the Parent-Infant Program offers bilingual birth to three services for infants and toddlers identified as deaf, hard of hearing, or deafblind. The Parent-Infant Program supports hearing and Deaf parents as they create an accessibly rich language environment that includes American Sign Language, English and the family’s home language. With PEPS curriculum and training, PEPS and HSDC are partnering to provide parent peer support to families in the Parent-Infant Program.



Launch in green letters with yellow and green flower in top right corner.

Launch leads the charge to brilliant outcomes for the children of our community by ensuring equitable access to the highest quality learning and care. Every aspect of their research-based programs is thoughtfully designed with children’s social, emotional, and academic needs in mind. From the interactions between children and adults to the physical arrangement of the classroom environment, the goal is to build awareness, self-esteem, and competency in every child served .Programs offer enriching activities that celebrate diversity and strengthen community through family involvement and staff participation. PEPS and Launch have partnered since 2022 to offer peer support groups to families in the preschool program. 



Mercy Housing Northwest

Mercy Housing Northwest owns and operates 54 properties throughout Washington and Idaho, providing over 5,000 families and seniors a place to call home at below-market rent. They believe a family or senior’s lack of financial resources should not determine their ability to access high quality and safe affordable housing. Beyond housing, they provide onsite resident services that focus on five key program areas – housing stability, health and wellness, community engagement, education, and financial well-being. Providing these critical programs right where residents live ensures that home is a platform for kids to thrive in school, for families to improve their financial stability, and for residents to have greater knowledge and access to improve their health and wellness. PEPS and Mercy Housing have partnered since 2019, offering peer support groups in Spanish, Farsi/Dari, and more to residents in Kent and Seattle housing complexes.

12 adults and 16 children of varying ages are standing together in a large, brightly lit community room inside the Mercy Housing Appian Way building.

Families and facilitators from a Mercy Housing PEPS Group alongside Mercy Housing staff.

Hear from one of our participants, Blanca De Luna, and Group Leader Emma Salinas, about their PEPS experience in this video.

“The support that they provide at that moment, it’s essential…when they say you are not alone, we are all here for you.” — Emma Salinas, Mercy Housing Northwest PEPS Group Leader


NISO Programs is an organization that promotes the development of healthier and stronger communities by empowering individuals and meeting the needs where they are.

NISO Programs

NISO Programs is an organization that promotes the development of healthier and stronger communities by empowering individuals and meeting their needs where they are. At the core of NISO Programs is the use of the Promotores model. Promotores are community members who act as natural helpers and liaisons to meaningful information and resources for their neighbors and neighborhoods. Promotores are liaisons between their communities and social service providers. Because they share the same language, culture, ethnicity, status, and experiences of their communities, Promotores are able to reduce the common barriers to services for native-born and immigrant communities. PEPS and NISO have partnered since 2020 to offer peer support groups in Spanish to families on the Eastside. 

Learn more about the partnership between PEPS and NISO on our blog.


Open Arms Perinatal Services

Open Arms Perinatal Services Open Arms helps parents and children develop the confidence and skills they need to become their own best advocates. Their network of trained birth doulas and community-based early parenting support create positive early childhood outcomes that last a lifetime. PEPS and Open Arms have partnered since 2018 to offer peer support groups for Spanish-speaking parents and Black moms. 

Six mothers and their six children are standing in a group, under a photo of a smiling baby, all facing the camera. On the right side is the Open Arms Perinatal Services doula, who served as a co-facilitator carrying her son on a wrap-style toddler carrier sling. On the left stands the PEPS East Region Community Connector, who also served as a co-facilitator for this group of women.

Mothers, their children, and staff co-facilitator from an Open Arms Perinatal Services PEPS Group, alongside the PEPS East Region Community Connector.

“…we’re adjusting as we go, but everyone in the group looked forward to finding connection and learning from each other.” — Maria, Open Arms PEPS Group Co-Leader


Sistema Escolar USA Logo

Sistema Escolar USA

Sistema Escolar USA is committed to bridging the gap between Latino families and the education system. Their informational videos, workshops, and written materials support and strengthen schools’ efforts toward equity, equality, inclusion and cultural competence. PEPS has partnered with Sistema Escolar since 2022 to offer virtual programs supporting Spanish-speaking parents of adolescents and teens. To learn more about this program partnership, visit Program for Parents of Adolescents and Teens (PAT). 


If you are a nonprofit working with underserved families in King, Snohomish, or Pierce County and you are interested in our Community Partnerships, please fill out our interest form

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