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Get the Word Out About PEPS

Spread the Word About PEPS

Spread the Word About PEPS

When it comes to building awareness of the work we do at PEPS, there's no substitute for good old-fashioned word of mouth and personal communication. Here are a few powerful, easy to accomplish ways you can help.

76% of participants find out about PEPS from a friend. Some tell us that they were approached by strangers in the grocery store who said, "You have to join PEPS. PEPS saved my life when I had a new baby!"

“One of the chief complaints new parents have in the transition to parenthood is the great isolation they feel from their social circle. For their relatives, baby is often a stranger. For their friends, baby is often a four-letter word…”

- Dr. John Medina, Brain Rules for Baby


"First-time parent groups provide lasting benefits not only for families, but also for society as a whole."

- U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health

Recommend PEPS

Send new or expecting parents to our registration site to view available groups.

Hand out PEPS Brochures

Your doctor, midwife, doula, social services provider, and others working with women and families might be able to share information about PEPS with their colleagues and clients. Email our Community Connectors to request brochures.

Post PEPS Flyers

Post flyers on community bulletin boards at local gathering places, such as coffee shops, community centers, child care providers, schools, and family-friendly businesses. Use your imagination; these and other organizations may welcome the opportunity to provide information about PEPS to their clients and participants.

POST YOUR POINT OF VIEW: Write a about PEPS on your local mom listserv, Facebook group, or personal blog.

GET CREATIVE: We always welcome new ideas and are happy to work with you to develop engaging ways to introduce PEPS in your community.

Many People Don't Learn About PEPS in Time

Expecting and new parents receive so much new information that they often forget about things they intended to explore or don't take advantage of offers that might be helpful. Listen to one new mom who wishes she'd known about PEPS sooner.

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