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Contract PEPS Group Leader positions:

As a non-profit organization, we occasionally bring in a small group of dedicated, paid contract Leaders who have professional experience working with families who provide support for a limited number of groups. 


PEPS is looking to increase the pool of contract Group Leaders to facilitate weekly 1.5-hour virtual Connecting the Expecting parent peer-support groups for expectant parents.

Newborn & Second Time Around

PEPS is looking to increase the pool of contract Group Leaders in our South, Southwest, and East service regions to facilitate weekly, two-hour peer-support groups for parents of newborns, in person at community sites and in homes.


PEPS is looking to increase the pool of contract Group Leaders to facilitate weekly, two-hour peer-support groups for parents of adolescents and teens (PAT), online.

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Our Organization

Since 1983, PEPS has connected new parents through peer-support groups, believing that all new families deserve support and community during what many parents describe as the most challenging transition of their lives. Research shows that good support during this period builds resilience, helps create the bond between parents and babies, and shapes a baby's healthy development. PEPS has provided tens of thousands of families with critical support and connection during the vulnerable weeks and months of new parenthood. We know that when parents break out of isolation and find community, they build confidence to face new challenges, and babies thrive.

Over the past several years, PEPS has been listening to and learning from parents and organizations across the community and reflecting on the places and people we have not served or not served as well. PEPS has largely served communities that are predominantly white and middle/upper income; we have not been a consistent and reliable resource for many low-income communities and communities of color.

In 2016, PEPS made an explicit commitment to prioritizing racial equity in all aspects of our work. We began this journey with learning, reflection, and analysis: looking at where we've made mistakes and caused harm and where we can do better. We conducted a community assessment and invested in improving our internal policies, practices, programming, and curriculum. In 2019, we incorporated what we learned into our new Strategic Direction. We are well into the process of taking bold action to be an organization that not only lives its values and is accessible to all parents and families but also one that speaks up and advocates for equitable outcomes in our region.

Transforming to Grow Our Impact

When the pandemic began in 2020, the critical importance of human connection for all families became even more clear. Rather than derailing our efforts, the events of the past 18 months accelerated many of our plans to transform the program based on our new goals. Here are just some of the changes we have begun to implement:

  • Recognizing the additional stress and anxiety faced by expectant parents in a pandemic, we developed and piloted a program for expectant parents in 2020 and launched ‘Connecting the Expecting’ Groups as an ongoing program.
  • We conducted an anti-bias curriculum review with a social justice and racial equity consultant, developed topics such as Race and Social Identity Development and began offering Leaders advanced facilitation trainings on Race and Social Identity Development and Interrupting Microaggressions.
  • We developed PEPS-run affinity groups where parents with children ages 0-3 connect around a shared identity. For instance, we piloted groups for LGBTQIA+ parents, single parents, and families caring for children with developmental challenges or disabilities.
  • We developed and piloted a program for Parents of Adolescents and teens (PAT) in 2021, which brings the PEPS model to parents facing the new and unique challenges of parenting adolescents.
  • We cultivated a variety of partnerships with organizations such as Open Arms Perinatal Services, Mercy Housing Northwest, and Sistema Escolar to collaboratively provide peer support for parents in communities that we have historically not served or have not served well both in and outside of Washington State.
  • We explored new ways of connecting families virtually through WhatsApp text threads and video calls for families in selected pilot and partner programs, to help address barriers of accessibility, access to internet, and time constraints.
  • We strengthened our Group Leader training and support, including the implementation of a learning management system for online training.

In addition to these changes and programs that we have started work on, PEPS has big plans for the future, including informing and activating our broad network of parents on policies that impact families through advocacy, integration, and scaling of new programs, bringing our brand into alignment with our mission, vision and values, and developing strategies for growth in collaborations and partnerships. We envision a future with all kinds of ways for parents to connect, support, and show up for one another, whatever their unique needs might be. We are committed to continuing learning and innovating as we provide the best possible programming for families in our region.

Commitment to Equity

We believe that all families should have access to a healthy, supported start in life. Knowing that race and ethnicity continue to predict the future life chances of children in our state, we are committed to working with families, partner organizations, and communities to identify barriers to parent support and wellness, interrupt their negative impact, and eliminate the persistent disparities in child outcomes. 

PEPS values and celebrates the strengths that diversity brings to the workplace and is committed to advancing equity through our work. Cultivating a diverse and inclusive staff is one of our priorities. 

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and others with underrepresented identities (including, but not limited to: gender identity, class, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, age, ability, and background) are strongly and sincerely encouraged to apply. PEPS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

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