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PEPS Board of Directors

Group photo, Feb 2020

PEPS Board Members lend their passion, skills, expertise and connections to help guide PEPS to scale our impact.

We are currently recruiting individuals with expertise or experience in the following areas:

  • Social justice
  • Equity, diversity, & inclusion
  • Advocacy
  • Strategic planning
  • Nonprofit governance
  • Fund development
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Law
  • Organizational development
  • Change/growth management
  • Program development and expansion
  • IT
  • Human resources

If interested in becoming a board member:

  1. Review the job description
  2. Apply online
  3. OR download and print a Board Member Application

2021 PEPS Board of Directors

Tracy Cutchlow
Tracy Cutchlow, PEPS Board Member
Tracy Cutchlow, President

Tracy Cutchlow (she/her) is the author of the international bestseller Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science.

She believes no new parent should feel alone, which is why she is on the board of Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS). She also serves on the advisory board of the Children's Screen Time Action Network.

Tracy reaches thousands of parents and professionals through her speaking and through her writing at She is a creator of spaces to speak and be heard. She lives in Seattle, where you'll find her hiking or biking around with her husband and their spirited daughter.


Suz Fix
Suzanna Fix, PEPS Board Development Chair
Suzanna Fix, Board Development Committee Chair

Suzanna (Suz) Fix (she/her) is currently an at-home parent of Vivienne (3 years) and Emmett (1 year) and also works part-time as a school counselor in the Shoreline School District. She graduated with a BA in Social Work and an MSW from the University of Washington, specializing in Mental Health. As part of her social work education, she trained in facilitating Intergroup Dialogues on race, privilege, and oppression and co-facilitated the first ever dialogue for multi-racial students at UW. Prior to having children, Suz worked as a school social worker in the Tahoma School District and as a child protection social worker in London, UK.

Suz participated in a Newborn PEPS group with Vivienne and a Second Time Around group with Emmett. She also has facilitated three Newborn groups. Having experienced the positive impact of PEPS throughout her own parenting journey, she is particularly passionate about the new focus of PEPS on increasing access for all families in the greater area and on racial equity.

In her free time, Suz enjoys reading, traveling, and going on walks around the neighborhood with her family. Suz joined the PEPS Board in 2019.


Lesley Graham
Lesley Graham, PEPS Board Member
Lesley Graham

Lesley Graham (she/her) is an at-home mom for her 5-year-old son, Emerson, and excels at creatively responding to “why” questions, finding hidden Lego pieces, and organizing some form of child decathalon every day.

Lesley worked in the technology industry before discovering her true passion in the nonprofit sector. Most recently she worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation building public-private global health partnerships. Lesley holds a Masters of Business Administration from Babson College. She returned to the Boston area to run its (in)famous marathon, only to learn weeks later that she was expecting a baby.

Lesley participated in a newborn PEPS group with Emerson and continues to gain useful knowledge and catharsis from her PEPS community almost every day. She loves sharing the tribulations and joys of parenting with her PEPS community, and has participated in ever evolving shared activities from tummy time and stroller walks to group birthdays, camping and river rafting adventures.

Lesley stays active at the gym and on Washington’s many hiking, biking and skiing trails. Although a Wisconsin native, she hates being cold and hopes to grow old in Seattle where temperatures remain reasonable and it’s green year-round.


Jeff Hignite

Jeff Hignite's bio coming soon.


Julianna Rigg Hillard
Julianna Rigg Hillard, PEPS Board Member
Julianna Rigg Hillard

Julianna Rigg Hillard (she/her) is motivated by seeking to understand what are the causal factors which lead to equitable outcomes in education and health. She received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Washington in 2011; during that time, she completed her fieldwork in rural Zambia, researching what explains different outcomes in malaria prevention protocols. From her work in graduate school to consulting with global health research groups to teaching at Bellevue College, she has seen the power of community. The more connected we are, the better off our children become -- from successful malaria eradication campaigns to understanding issues of educational equity.Community drives and changes outcomes.

Julianna’s family has felt the sustaining impact of community through PEPS. The three PEPS groups in which she has participated or co-led have become part of her village. The friends she has made through PEPS have helped to normalize her parenting experiences and create a lasting bond with other parents and families. Julianna believes that PEPS inoculates families; it helps create safe spaces that maintain physical, social, and emotional health.

In her work on the PEPS board, Julianna seeks to expand access to PEPS so that PEPS is available to any and every family. When Julianna is not volunteering with PEPS, she is connecting with her community. She and her husband, Dustin, have three children, ages 9, 6 and 2 ½, and one very loveable goldendoodle, Jersey.  She is active in each of her children's school communities, previously serving on the Phinney Neighborhood Preschool Cooperative board and the West Woodland Race and Equity Committee. She currently volunteers as an advocate for student safety and is the secretary for the Seattle Special Education PTSA board. Her family loves to be outside, exploring and learning together.


Rebecca Koladycz
Rebecca Koladycz, PEPS Board Secretary
Rebecca Koladycz, Secretary

Rebecca Koladycz (she/her) knows firsthand how important early parenting support is: her Seattle-based sister raved about her experience in PEPS and advised her to connect with an early parenting support group when she was pregnant with her daughter over a decade ago. That proved to be sage advice that Rebecca passes on to all her expecting friends, as she treasures and is still close to the families from her now scattered New York City parenting group. Having relocated to Seattle from Brooklyn, Rebecca is thrilled to have the opportunity to support PEPS as a board member and is committed to ensuring that all new parents have the support they need to thrive.

In her professional life, Rebecca is currently the Program Director for Listen4Good, an initiative that supports nonprofits in developing systematic client feedback loops. She has a history of working with nonprofits across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America through diverse roles held at International Planned Parenthood Federation, including developing and rapidly scaling a performance management system with local and international partners in 21 countries in Africa and Asia to ensure access to a full range of reproductive healthcare.

Originally from Texas, Rebecca has a Master’s in Social Anthropology from University of Rochester. From the start of her career working in teen pregnancy prevention and sexuality education to evaluating grant-funded programs in public schools to years in international development, Rebecca is keenly aware that the structural barriers communities face in accessing education and healthcare are the same whether in a ‘developing’ country or right here in her new home of Washington state. As such, Rebecca is driven by a strong desire and need to grapple with, reflect on, and be humble in the face of complex equity, social justice, and power dynamics wherever they are at play.

As a recent transplant, Rebecca looks for any opportunity to bask in the beauty of Pacific Northwest nature and indulge in her new-found passion for hiking.


Caroline Koplowitz
Caroline Koplowitz, PEPS Board Treasurer
Caroline Koplowitz, Treasurer

Caroline Koplowitz (she/her) currently works as a Senior Manager in Amazon Fashion Finance. She is a CPA and prior to Amazon worked in public accounting for seven years, having received her Bachelor’s of Business Administration from Emory University. Caroline is a proud Seattle native and a retired collegiate swimmer, though these days you will find her out on the roads at local running races. She enjoys serving with organizations that build and foster community and has served on the board of Girls on the Run Puget Sound and as a volunteer at the Seattle Art Museum.

Caroline found PEPS in 2017 when she participated in a newborn group with her daughter and also participated in 'second-time-around' group with her son. Having personally experienced the power PEPS can have in alleviating feelings of isolation, mom-guilt and self-doubt, Caroline is passionate about providing access to PEPS and creating connection for all parents in the Seattle area's diverse communities. Caroline joined the PEPS board in 2019.


Chezik Tsunoda
Chezik Tsunoda, PEPS Board Member
Chezik Tsunoda

Chezik Tsunoda (she/her) has been a part of the PEPS family since 2011 when she joined a Newborn Group with her first of four sons. She has since participated in a Second Time Around group, volunteered as a Leader for both Newborn and Second Time Around groups, and has been a table captain at the annual PEPS luncheon for the past 5 years.

After her three year old son, Yori, passed away from drowning, Chezik founded No More Under, a nonprofit organization focused on educating parents and children about water safety and drowning prevention. The organization is also working to forward research to shift medical protocols for near drowned victims. Chezik has been fortunate to be able to use her talents as a story teller and filmmaker to advocate for social awareness and change via documentary style projects and videos.

She is grateful that her life has been so enriched by being part of the PEPS support system. She joined the board with hopes of having an impact within the organization by bringing more diverse families into the community. She is relentlessly passionate about racial equity, education, and advocacy with the goal of empowering all parents.


Vidya Vasu-Devan
Vidya Vasu-Devan, PEPS Board Member
Vidya Vasu-Devan, Vice President

Vidya Vasu-Devan (she/her) is Director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's $2.5bn Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) and chair of the SIF Investment Committee. She cares deeply about reducing poverty and inequity, and improving the health outcomes of women and children in the developing world. Vidya leads a team that supports entrepreneurs and companies that have a critical role to play in achieving the foundation's ambitious goals in global health and poverty alleviation and U.S. education and economic mobility. SIF invests in opportunities globally with a razor focus on delivering innovation to the foundation's target populations - mothers and children in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia and low income students in the U.S. SIF sources, structures and manages venture capital investments, loans, guaranties, royalty-based partnerships and fund investments to help point the best private sector innovation at some of the world's most pressing challenges. Prior to joining the foundation, Vidya was an investment professional at Goldman Sachs in New York. Vidya received an MBA and a certificate in Public Management and Social Innovation from the Stanford Graduate School of Business; she also holds a BA in Astrophysics with concentrations in Mathematics and Economics from Columbia University.

Vidya participated in a newborn PEPS group in 2017 with her husband and newborn son, and still connects with all eight families frequently. She continues to find the support of that community to be invaluable as she and her husband travel on the unpredictable journey of parenthood with their two young sons. She is passionate about ensuring that all parents and babies can create and access these supportive communities to achieve improved physical, emotional and mental health and happiness for their families. Vidya joined the board in 2018, with particular energy for the organization's new commitment to racial equity and serving all families in our surrounding area.


Leslie Wander
Leslie Wander, PEPS Board President
Leslie Wander

Leslie Wander (she/her) participated in a PEPS daytime group and couples group when her first son was born in 2015. With a passion for child development and community engagement, she was impressed by the PEPS program and its vision to reach an even broader range of families in the area. She has worked with a variety of non-profits both here and abroad, most recently in Costa Rica where she and her husband started a housing initiative and partnered with Habitat for Humanity International to build homes for families in Guanacaste. While in Costa Rica, she also taught elementary school and English classes for young children.

Originally from North Carolina, Leslie has a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from NC State University and has worked as both an engineer and a program management consultant over the past decade. She is currently an at-home mom of two non-stop, young boys. When not outside with them, she loves reading, baking, playing board games and traveling every chance she gets.


Kathryn Zetzer

Kathryn Zetzer's (she/her) bio is coming soon.


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