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Bilingual Program for Parents of Adolescents and Teens (PAT) Outreach Manager

Gloria Martinez, Bilingual Program for Adolescents and Teens (PAT) Outreach Manager
Gloria Martinez, Bilingual Program for Adolescents and Teens (PAT) Outreach Manager
Gloria Martinez (she/her) is a psychologist from Colombia with over a decade of experience spanning Colombia, the UK, and the USA. With a fervent dedication to supporting families in building stronger communities, Gloria's journey has been marked by a profound commitment to enriching the lives of children and adolescents.

Her career trajectory is characterized by her multifaceted roles, ranging from teacher and Co-Principal to therapist and counselor. She specializes in child and family counseling and adeptly navigates issues such as conflict resolution, social skills development, substance abuse, suicide prevention, and vocational orientation for adolescents.

Gloria's journey into family support began in New York, where she worked with youths in foster care, igniting her passion for helping adolescents. Her experiences have led her to lead programs for adolescents in the United Kingdom. Upon relocating to Seattle, Gloria joined PEPS, driven by her own experiences as a parent raising children in a foreign country without familial support.

Her dedication to empowering families and her profound belief in the transformative power of community drive her every endeavor. She actively participated in BIPOC initiatives, striving to elevate the value of traditions and cultures, not only within Spanish-speaking families but also by embracing and learning from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Outside of PEPS: Gloria lives in Redmond, where she finds joy in exploring the trails, parks, and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She shares these adventures with her husband, two daughters, and her beloved dog. Gloria is an active member of the PTSA at her daughters' school, where she leads the Green team and passionately seeks out ways to protect the environment.

Education: Gloria has a BS in Psychology, a Specialization in Educational Management, and an Endorsement in infant mental health.

Contact: gloriams [at] peps [dot] org/206-508-1768

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