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About PEPS


Welcome to PEPS.


Since 1983, the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS), a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization has helped parents connect and grow as they begin their journey into parenthood. PEPS parent support programs educate, inform and create community.

We've become a vital resource for new parents in the Puget Sound region, with parent groups serving thousands of families annually.

PEPS at a Glance

Icon of parents. Peer Support. At PEPS, parents learn from each other. Icon of clipboard. Core Topics. Feeding, Sleeping, Self-Care, Work & Family, Temperament, Early Learning, Routine Icon of parent and baby. PEPS is about parenting and the important ways we connect and support our babies and children.
Icon of baby. Wellness. PEPS focuses on the five protective factors of family wellness and the principles of infant mental wellness. Icon of head with gears. Parent Education. Family & Development Curriculum Icon of hearts. PEPS is fun and meaningful.Exchanging stories, laughing and learning with other new parents is often the highlight of a parent’s week.
Icon of people meeting around a table. Trained Leaders. Create a comfortable, informal, welcoming space that encourages sharing and builds trust. Icon of buildings. Getting out of the house. Parents say that PEPS was a reason for them to get out of the house each week. Having a new baby can be very isolating. PEPS helps to reduce isolation. Icon of a group of people. Communities. PEPS is often the first parent community you will be part of.
Icon of coins. Financial Assistance Icon of Partners. More groups with PEPS Partners. Groups for twins/multiples, LGBTQ+, Jewish families, foster families, and more. Also, in other locations. Map of Seattle. Local. PEPS was founded 35 years ago in north Seattle


PEPS connects parents to strengthen families and build community.


  • Resilient Families
  • Connected Communities
  • Equitable Outcomes

PEPS Values

EQUITY We strive for better access and outcomes for every family, centering those most impacted by disparities.

INNOVATION We are bold, curious, and creative in seeking new ways to deepen impact.

INCLUSION We welcome all parents, honoring their experiences, identities, and voices through a culture of belonging.and acceptance.

COMMUNITY We believe that human connection is at the heart of meaningful parent support. Through shared experience, parents know they are not alone.

AUTHENTICITY We show up and speak up with humility, vulnerability and strength. We create space for parents to do the same.

PEPS Equity Statement

We believe that all new families should have access to a healthy, supported start in life. As long as race and ethnicity continue to predict the future life chances of children in our state, we are committed to working with families, partner organizations, and communities to identify barriers to parent support and wellness, interrupt their negative impact and eliminate the persistent disparities in child outcomes.

Annual Reports

Community & Connection

Over and over again, parents tell us “PEPS saved my life!” and “I wouldn’t have made it without my PEPS Group.” PEPS helps new parents anticipate challenges and provides support and information. At the conclusion of their groups, PEPS parents say they feel more connected, confident, competent, knowledgeable and supported.

"At PEPS, it’s okay to ask any and all “Is this normal??!! questions”’ –PEPS Parent

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