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Lecture Photos

Dr. Susanna Block
Dr. Susanna Block
Jennyfer Raden
Jennyfer Raden
Lectures: Shannon
Lecture Photo: Shannon
Presenter: Jan Faull
Pat Anderson photo
Wendy Sue Swanson
Dr. Harvey Karp
Dr. Harvey Karp, nationally renowned pediatrician
Sara Eizen
Jan Faull
Colburn book
Colburn Sorensen
Colburn Sorensen Photo
Jan Faull
Dr. Darley websize
Catherine Darley
Mary Gentry
Dr Karp
Sara Eizen
Holli Harris
Renee Beebe
Holli & Hadley
CiKeithia Pugh
Maren Ostergard, KCLS
Maren Ostergard
Anoo Padte
Anoo Padte, Education Coach
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Preschool Photo
Photo for Preschool Lecture
Reading kids
Kids having fun while reading
Family Photo
Photo of a family of three
Babies on Dads Shoulders
Dads at the beach for Father's Day
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Melissa Benaroya
Melissa Benaroya
breastfeeding and working
Breastfeeding and Working
Hands of a preschooler
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Sleeping Baby
Photo for lecture ‘Sleep Like a Baby’
Dr. Catherine Darley
Dr. Catherine Darley Bio Pic
Babies Sleep and Crying
Babies on the couch, some sleeping, some crying
Jeff Lee, MD
Bio pic of Jeff Lee, MD.
Chris Casazza
Bio pic for Chris Casazza
Rob Sorensen
Bio Pic of Rob Sorensen
Colin Brissey
Bio Pic of Colin Brissey
Leo Novsky
Bio pic for Leo Novsky
John Barnhardt
Bio pic of John Barnhardt
Greg Johnson
Bio pic of Greg Johnson
Being a new dad
Leo N. with his daughter
Derek Crain
Bio pic for Derek Crain
Rebecca Michi
Rebecca Michi is a British born and trained Children's Sleep Consultant based in Seattle
Let's talk sleep
Dad with son sleeping
Lisa Mennet, PhD
Lisa Mennet, PhD has worked with infants, toddlers and preschool aged children—and their parents—for more than 10 years. She began her clinical career at Ryther Child Center, then studied at the Center on Infant Mental Health at the UW, and was later a clinical instructor there.
Dad and his son
Dad and feeding his son from a sippy cup.
Leslie Butterfield
Leslie Butterfield, PhD, of Postpartum International of Washington. Lecture on how to survive and thrive during the early days of being a new parent
Cal Ledbetter
Cal D. Ledbetter, MA, LMHCA is a psychotherapist who specializes in postpartum pathologies and couples' stress surrounding pregnancy and parenthood.
John Barnhardt Playing
John on kiddie bike
You Really Are Your Child’s First Teacher!
UW I-Labs Center
Dr. Sharratt
Dr. Sharrat speaks at the PEPS parent lecture 'From Diaper To Diploma'
Baby Peppers baby interacting
Join us for the PEPS lecture "The Science of How Young Children Learn"
Finding Childcare
Join us for the PEPS lecture "Finding Childcare 101"
Laura Kastner
Laura Kastner
Dr. Gene Sharratt
Dr. Gene Sharratt, Executive Director for the Washington Student Achievement Council
6 Steps
Diaper to Diploma
Your educational roadmap to success
Being A Dad
New Dad? About to become one? Join us for an evening where local dads will provide great information in a fun and informal environment
The Science of How Young Children Lea
I-Labs will discuss recent science about who children trust and learn from, and what this means about the importance of early relationships.
The Birds + Bees For Preschool Parents
The Birds + Bees For Preschool Parents
Get the Scoop on Being A Dad
This panel of local dads will talk through the trials and tribulations of being a new Dad and give tips on how to handle the challenges and enjoy the ride.
Zach Brittle
Zach Brittle has been teaching, coaching, mentoring and counseling couples for over 10 years.
Mike Schloss
Mike Schloss has joined the growing ranks of Stay-At-Home-Dads in the Seattle area for a rambunctious, spirited and strong 13 month old toddler
Zach Silk
Zach Silk is a veteran political strategist and serial entrepreneur. He has a range of management, communications, and start up experience
The Real Scoop on Being A Dad
Dads with their kids at the beach
Choosing Preschool
Five Factors That Matter Most For Young Learners
Jonathan Bray
Dad's Lecture - Jonathan Bray
Tim O’Connor, MD
Dad's LEcture - Tim O’Connor, MD
Real Scoop on Being Dad
Real Scoop on Being a Dad
Baby Hand
Baby hand holding dad's finger
Chris Kornelis
Author of “Rocking Fatherhood: The Dad-to-Be’s Guide to Staying Cool,”
The Power of Play
Play to Grow: The Power of Play
Raising Resilient Kids
Fostering a Bounce-Back Attitude
Amy Lang
Award-winning parenting expert, speaker and author Amy Lang, MA
Jasen Frelot
PEPS Lecture: Kids and Race with Jasen Frelot
Kids and Race
Workshop: Talking to Your Kids About Race
Debbie LeeKeenan
Debbie LeeKeenan is an early childhood consultant, lecturer, and author.
Debbie LeeKeenan
Debbie LeeKeenan is an early childhood consultant, lecturer, and author.
Debbie LeeKeenan
Debbie LeeKeenan is an early childhood consultant, lecturer, and author.
Debbie LeeKeenan
Debbie LeeKeenan is an early childhood consultant, lecturer, and author.
Creating inclusive communities: Responding to children’s questions about differences
Workshop presented by Debbie LeeKeenan
Workshop - Diary of a Wimpy Dad
Diary of a Wimpy Dad
Fred Capestany
Fred Capestany
James Miles
James Miles is the Executive Director of Arts Corps in Seattle, WA.
Jeremy Brown
Panelist for How to Dad workshop
Zadok Wartes
Panelist for How to Dad workshop
Allanah Raas-Berquist
Panelist for How to Dad workshop
Jessup Coffin
Panelist on the How to Dad workshop
Parenting with Identity in Mind
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Rosetta Lee
Rosetta is the recipient of the 2007 Outstanding Partner in Education Award from the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research and recipient of the 2005 Distinguished Teacher Award for the Washington Federation of Independent Schools.
6 Steps to Create Your Will
6 Steps to Create Your Will
Building Inclusive Communities
Building Inclusive Communities - Join us for this workshop on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 6:30 pm
Dads Social Hour
Dads Social Hour - Saturday, June 22, 2019

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