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Images Grandparenting

Grandfather holding his grandchild
Grandmother and grandchild
Grandmother and grandchild in the kitchen
Grandkids in the tulip fields
Bernie with grandson
Bernie with grandson at the dining room table
Bernie with granddaughter
Bernie with granddaughter starting a garden
Bernie with grandkids
Bernie and his grandkids hanging out
Bernie teaching guitar
Bernie teaching guitar to his granddaughter
Grandmother reading with her grandson
Grandpa spending a day with his grandson
Grandma, mom and daughter
Grandparents are a loving resource; usually their opinions come without malice, just unconditional love for their grandchildren and, of course, their adult children who are raising them.
Terrill and his granddaughter
Making cheese with granddaughter Vanessa
Terrill with his son Eric and grandson Eric Jr.
My son and grandson
Granddaughter at the Seattle Aquarium
Granddaughter Emma & octopus at Seattle Aquarium
Granddaughter Emma
visiting at my house
Jan and Terrill
Grandkids Eric Jr and Vanessa
Ginny with Owen
Grandma Ginny and her grandson Owen
Grandma and her grandchildren
2015 Grandparents Flyer
Download PEPS Grandparents flyer
Jan and Flora
Jan Faull and Flora B
Jennifer Fliss
Jennifer Fliss is a New York raised, Wisconsin and California schooled, Seattle based writer.
Grandparents Happy Hour
Grandparents Happy Hour 2018

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