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Parenting in Difficult Times

by Sandra Wallace

As parents reading today's headlines, we often worry about how things like global warming, world hunger, company downsizing, rising gas prices and the state of the economy will affect our family and friends; how do we cope with these stresses in a way that doesn’t negatively impact our children?

Taking Turns

By Rob Sorensen

We all tell our kids to do it, but first-time parents can be really, really bad at taking turns–and by this I mean handing off the baby now and again in order to have some kid-free time…without guilt.

Parents Over 40

by PEPS Community Partner Bright Horizons

Parents over 40: What's Similar to Younger Parents and What's Different? New parents are more alike than different. In general, parents of all ages are more alike than different in their joys and challenges. All parents benefit from others they can talk to and share successes and frustrations with and every parent, regardless of age, benefits from a good listener to serve as a sounding board.

Creating a Village

By Jenni Pertuset

The life of a parent can feel very isolated. Warm relationships with caring adults can sustain us when we're struggling, and help our children feel at ease when they're away from home. So how do we build the village we need to raise our children?

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