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Resources: Breastfeeding

Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. If you’re a new mom just finding your way with breastfeeding, it can make your whole day to find the perfect spot to nurse when you’re out with Baby.

Getting Support for Bottle Feeding

Many parents use a bottle to feed their baby. Feeding is an important topic for PEPS Groups that is relevant again and again at all stages of a child’s growth and development. There are many resources that PEPS Parents share about the challenges and successes they have with bottle feeding. Here are some resources to help support you as you learn about feeding your baby.

Weaning: When, Why and How?

From your baby’s first latch, your breastfeeding relationship began. And like many relationships over the course of our lives, it eventually comes to an end.

10 Tips for Starting Your Baby on Solid Food

By Amelia Winslow, nutritionist, chef and busy mom. Follow her on her blog Eating Made Easy.

Introducing your baby to solid food is an exciting milestone, as it marks the beginning of his life as a real eater. But with so much information available and so many conflicting recommendations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused.

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