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Images for Challenges and Changes

Sleeping Siblings
The topic that comes up so often with little ones, is “When should I be concerned in the middle of the night?” The answer is somewhere between “Never” and “Always”.
Rebekah Joe & Alex
Rebekah Joe & Alex photo for newsletter
Katie second trimester
It felt like a fog descended over her a few months after her son was born. Her symptoms of PPMD began with feelings of anxiety and triggered very bad dreams.
Katie and Landon
Landon is two-and-a-half now, and Katie is expecting her second child in March. She has a strong support system this time around, including friends from her PEPS group.
Mia and her daughter
Mia Edidin, a board member with Perinatal Support Washington, leads Adjusting to Parenthood
Melissa B's familt
Melissa joined PEPS because she knew she would need lots of support after her son was born. She had been treated for depression in the past.

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