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Helping Others Connect

Think about how much you benefited from your group, and the joy you can feel helping others finding those connections.

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Volunteers are an extraordinary part of PEPS mothers & fathers deeply rooted in the PEPS community and passionate about supporting new parents.

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- Kate Bagley, PEPS Volunteer

My PEPS group was so wonderful and sanity saving when I had my first (and only) child. I had so many questions when my daughter was born, and here was a place to go once a week to ask my questions and talk about the whole experience. Perhaps even more exciting was the shared experience of listening to everyone else, and realizing how alike our babies' stages were, while still being completely different people. At the end of our group we were asked to consider leading a group, and I wanted to. I wanted to stay in that community and try and help other families find those connections.

Each time I begin to lead a group, I feel like that I'm starting a mini-community. Even though the group my husband and I were in with my daughter doesn't meet any more, we see many of the families around Seattle. We're all doing approximately the same things at the same time: pre-school and kindergarten and going to the parks or dropping our kids off at Zoo Camp.

Less altruistically, as a stay-at-home mom,  leading PEPS groups has kept my organizational and communication skills sharp. It has also given me a chance to get out and socialize, once a week, independently. And I get to be around babies, even as mine has started growing up!

PEPS has given so much to the Seattle community, as well as to individual women, couples and families. I always encourage folks to volunteer; I say "think about how much you benefited from your group, and the joy you can feel helping others find those connections." Any volunteer effort takes time and commitment, but volunteering with PEPS is amazingly worth it; and when you hear that one of your groups has lasted beyond the initial 12 weeks, it feels wonderful!

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