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PEPS Grandparents' Stories

PEPS Grandparents

Full Circle

Teri's PEPS group slowly drifted apart over the years as kids entered school and gained different interests, and eventually those PEPS babies grew up. Teri’s son married and turned her into a Grandma twice over. And it was those grandchildren that brought Teri back to PEPS. [Read more]

My Kids Joined the Parents Union

PEPS grandparent Bernie Busch shares his many lessons and pearls of wisdom on being a parent and grandparent. Bernie loves being a granddad and participating in life with his grandchildren. One of his biggest joys however, is to step back and simply observe the wonderful families he and his wife have brought forth. [Read more]

Grandparents Need a Village Too!

It was a beautiful spring day when Ginny Miller made a life changing decision to move to Seattle.  A recent widow and new grandmother, Ginny was ready to relocate from St. Louis, MO, where she had lived with her late husband, Bob, to the Pacific NW. It was time to start a new chapter in her life. [Read more]

PEPS for Grandparents:

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