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Participants Stories

PEPS parents say it best - read their stories and hear about the positive difference PEPS has made in their lives, and in our community.

PEPS, The Power of the Greater Community

PEPS was there for me when I needed it and I’ve been amazed at the power of the greater PEPS community. Joining PEPS has been such a blessing to me. I am a different person and feel like a better mother to my daughter because of my experience.

Leilani’s Story

My son is just turning one, and as I look back on the last year, I realize that the importance of these relationships has continued to grow as I grow into my role as a parent.

A Community That Cultivates Joy

Our PEPS Group continues to be a support system for one another. A family. Our friendships empower us as women AND mothers.

Finding Connection

I love that our group can rely on one another and help when we can. With PEPS, I was able to connect with 9 new people that I would trust with my kid. That’s not an easy thing to do.

With this family, parent support is intergenerational

Deb’s daughters found the support, community and connection they needed as new parents in their PEPS Groups. Both generations—Deb, Becky and Natalie—support the organization and are committed to growing PEPS and its impact in the lives of new and growing families.

The Cornerstone in our Lives as Parents

Annette and Stephanie joined a PEPS Group for different reasons. Now it's a cornerstone of parenting for them both. Together, they've been hosting a table at the Luncheon. Here they share about their PEPS Group and their volunteering. "Out of all the luncheons I've been to, it's the one I enjoy the most."

PEPS Gave Me the Support I Needed

Amy Moreno’s baby came early — at 30 weeks — with complications, including pulmonary edema, that endangered her life. "I didn't know it then, but PEPS became a crucial part of my healing."

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

PEPS gave me a reason to leave the house. Nearly two years later, it still does.

Leaving a Legacy

This PEPS group was the beginning of a journey that would lead Kimberly and her husband, Chuck, to make a donation that most don’t even realize is possible. While updating their will, they decided to name PEPS as a beneficiary, allowing them to leave a gift for other children and families.

From Infants to Empty-nesters

PEPS was the beginning of a wonderful community that keeps on giving! We are so grateful for PEPS being the first link in that long chain of life.

PEPS Helps Couple Heal

The Karmarshalls had no expectations when they started their PEPS journey, but the healing from their rough start in parenthood was definitely easier because of PEPS.

PEPS, A True Blessing

Through the weeks, our bond grew stronger, but the fifth week, when we talked about emotional challenges and changes was where I really felt we could let our guard down.

PEPS Created a Lifeline

Every parent in the room, including the facilitator, understood what I was talking about; it was part of their story too.

Breaking the Cycle

Meeting other parents helped me gain the confidence I needed to be the best parent I could be.

My 'Safe Place'

It was the one place I could go and NOT have to explain why my 22 month old wasn't walking yet or why, at age 3.5, he can't always use his big boy words.

All In The Family

We feel PEPS fills a really important role in the Seattle area by strengthening families and helping parents raise their children. It's easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix it later.

Get a Car Seat then PEPS

Belonging to a PEPS Group has added a joyful and necessary and critical component to the sometimes stressful and lonely realities of parenting... we are all experiencing the same joys and challenges.

I Was Simply Coping

No matter what our path to parenthood involved, we are all experiencing the same joys and challenges.

A Sense of Belonging

I feel blessed by these friendships and for the PEPS model in which everyone is heard and there is no one way to parent.

A Life Changing Choice

I had such a great experience with PEPS, and was so impressed with their model for support that I went on to lead four groups.

Get Out the Door

Getting out with our babies to a PEPS meeting meant we could venture out other places with them too, like the grocery store...and everyone would survive.

Diapers to Dorm Rooms

Eighteen years later the PEPS group that rescued me from complete social isolation became a lifelong group of friends.

Sleep Deprived Dads

Jeff admits to not typically being a "joiner" and felt the group would just be adding one more thing to their already busy schedules, but the group sessions became a "lifesaver" for him.

I Found My Tribe of SAHD

For me, the PEPS experience was cathartic and I knew I have found my tribe. It was not role models I needed, but peer models!

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