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Short Stories from PEPS

Tito and Sharbani participated in a PEPS Group in 2016 when their daughter was born.

Recently they made a gift to support PEPS so that other families can find community as they raise their children.

In Tito's words: Parenting is "a difficult journey, but it gets easier if you have a support network. If you don't have a support network, then create it... I am not from around here (I'm from Argentina) so my community is far away. PEPS allowed me to build my village in Seattle and 3 years after our 1st meeting our group remains strongly connected with not only our 1st kids growing together but also our 2nd kids starting to interact."

Chrissy Egan is an avid PEPS fan Chrissy Egan is an avid PEPS fan and has experienced PEPS from the outside in and the inside out.

She participated in a PEPS evening group in 2014 with her first child, Anora. In 2015 she decided to lead a group. In 2017, she joined the PEPS Board and our Sustainer Circle committing her time and financial support for the next three years. But: That’s not all! Chrissy had her financial gift matched by her husband’s employer and her volunteer time matched by her employer! That is triple impact and truly amazing.

Says Chrissy: “As the treasurer of PEPS I know how critical the financial support of our giving community is! We couldn’t do it without them. I encourage every donor to check in with the company they or their partner works for, to see if gift or time matching is available. It’s such low-hanging fruit and all employees should take advantage of the generosity of their companies.”

Cliff and MarionSo grateful for an inspiring conversation with longtime PEPS friend, Cliff Meyer.

Cliff started his PEPS journey 14 years ago. Now his PEPS 'baby' is entering high school and their PEPS Group just had a reunion!

As a PEPS Sustainer Circle member, Cliff is "in it for the long haul" because he believes in the power of peer support during the earliest days of parenthood.

"I both laugh and cringe when I think of my first months as a parent. My wife and I were intensely aware of oh-so-many ways we could "break the baby." Meetings of our PEPS Group always brought us back to a better (if sleepy) reality. That was 2003. But even now, with teenage challenges (and more) at the parenting forefront, we always feel grounded after spending time with our Group. We are still benefiting from a unique kind of peer support, thanks to PEPS!" -Cliff

Multi-generational PEPS familyAnita Tourigny is a PEPS mom and now a PEPS grandma!

Anita loves PEPS because as a retired Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner, she understands the importance of parents getting out of the house, making social connections, and finding confidence and support in their new role. Best part? Her son - that PEPS baby - is now a PEPS parent himself! Congrats to this multi-generational PEPS family, and THANK YOU Anita for your ongoing financial support gift that helps parents in our community to thrive!

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