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Child Development

Resources: Child Development

Additional resources for Child Development, including reading baby’s cues, emotion coaching, early language and literacy ideas, ways to play with baby, apps that help parents, and more.

Raising Resilient Kids

by Jan Faull

We've all heard about remarkable children who live through such adverse life experiences as poverty, abuse and neglect and emerge unscathed. What is it about these children that allows them to prevail emotionally through whatever punches life throws them, and what as parents can we do to cultivate such resiliency in our own children?

Play With Your Baby

by Mary Alice Long

New parents can learn and grow right along with their children by being fully present and playing. Parenting is a profound responsibility. Parents can maintain a balance between the challenges and joys of parenting by remembering that play is the essence of true learning.

Grin and Ignore It

by Sarina Behar Natkin, LICSW

Positivity is contagious! How focusing on the positive encourages good behavior in our kids.

Unplugging Power Struggles

by Jan Faull, M.Ed.

One element of self-esteem is power.  All children need power; this need can be satisfied through control, decision-making and choice. This does not mean children can overpower others but instead have a personal sense of power where they control some aspects of their lives.

Toys & Games for Babies/Toddlers

by Janelle Durham

Play time offers our children the chance to explore their world, to figure out how their bodies work, to learn how to use tools to accomplish cool things, to practice interacting with others, to learn the value of trial and error, to learn how to make decisions, to learn about cause and effect and the consequences of their actions.

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