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2013 Award Recipients

2013 Spirit of PEPS Award Icon

PEPS is pleased to present the 2013 Spirit of PEPS award recipients

John Barnhardt

“John’s leadership as president of the board helped transform it from a passive, advisory council to an active, involved board with purpose and motivation. His insight, intelligence, and sensitivity allowed everyone who spoke to understand that they brought value to the conversation while gently and creatively steering the conversation to action and resolution.”

Jill Farbarik

“Jill was a great resource for our group during those first months of new-motherhood, and she even started a mother/daughter group with the families with girls from our PEPS Group. She’s very dedicated to building community.”

Vanessa Gregory

“A nurturing and compassionate mother of three, Vanessa's passion for parenting and for encouraging young families was apparent every time we were in her presence. Her positive energy was unwavering, and she was so affirming and supportive of each and every one of us. We knew that under Vanessa's guidance our PEPS group was a safe and welcoming space to share our joys, fears and opinions - however varied they may be. As I'm now preparing to lead my own PEPS group for the first time, I can only hope I can be for the families in my group, the supportive rock and wealth of true caring that Vanessa was for me.”

PEPS is pleased to present the 2013 Spirit of PEPS Donor award recipients

Cathy and David Habib

"Cathy and David Habib made their first gift to PEPS in 1995 when Cathy started her PEPS Group with her first daughter Rachel. We would not be able to keep PEPS going without our village of PEPS supporters, without ambassadors like Cathy and David, who so wholeheartedly believe in our mission and vision and have made an impactful investment in PEPS for 20 years."

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