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Celebrating the Spirit of PEPS

The Spirit of PEPS Award was created in 2011 in acknowledgment of outgoing Board member and volunteer, Cliff Meyer, and has been given out annually to those who go above and beyond in giving back to the PEPS community.

PEPS is pleased to present the 2023 Spirit of PEPS Award to:

Hilary Gault 

Hilary Gault (photo credit: Danielle Barnum)

Hillary was thankful to be introduced to PEPS by a friend in 2015. She has three young kids and appreciates the community, support, and education PEPS provides. With a career in learning and development and creating learning experiences, joining PEPS as a volunteer Group Leader made a lot of sense. Hillary led her first group during the pandemic with a baby of her own, and she immediately found great fulfillment in supporting parents and creating safe, connected spaces. 

Hillary continued to be very engaged with PEPS and consistently attended the advanced facilitation training provided for PEPS Group Leaders. She also supported PEPS by leading pilot groups for the Working Moms Affinity Program. Her feedback helped with curriculum development and program enhancement. Her commitment to skill building and doing her best to improve the PEPS experience for others is noteworthy, and we appreciate the ways she has contributed to PEPS!

One of Hilary’s group participants shared:

“She was extraordinary. So mindful of everyone's needs, so considerate and compassionate. She also had a wonderful positive energy that it felt like receiving a hug, even through a virtual screen. So lucky to have had Hillary as a Group Leader, and she continues to offer help and support beyond the meetings.”

In addition to the Spirit of PEPS Award for Volunteers, PEPS is pleased to award Group Leaders with Recognition Awards in acknowledgment of their contribution, service, and commitment to PEPS. 

The 2023 Leader Recognition Awards go to: 


Cari Hanaway

Cari participated in two PEPS Newborn Groups after the arrival of her first daughter in 2017 and found incredible support and community there. Around her daughter’s first birthday, Cari joined PEPS as a volunteer Group Leader and led four Newborn Groups from 2018-2019, pausing the stillbirth of her second daughter.

Two years later, Cari applied for the position of Contract Group Leader and began leading multiple groups — an astounding total of 30 so far! She grew to love the virtual format and the Connecting the Expecting Groups, even deciding to become certified as a childbirth educator because she enjoyed working with expectant parents so much.

Her dedication to PEPS has been inspiring. She is always willing to take on a group that urgently needs a Leader. She is enthusiastic about attending Group Leader chats and engagement events where she has been an active participant.

Cari has a master’s degree in child development specializing in infancy and has enjoyed how PEPS connected her to challenges relating to her prior education and experience. The parents she’s had the privilege of connecting with on their journeys through parenthood have each taught her something new and will forever hold a dear place in her heart.

Cari is married, with two living children and one child who survives only in her heart. In her free time, she enjoys photography, spending time with her family, and traveling around the Pacific Northwest.

Members from 6 different PEPS Groups nominated Cari, and each of them had wonderful things to say about her.

She helped us all feel so seen, supported, and comfortable sharing during a strenuous and stressful time. Our conversations felt meaningful and helpful. We’re grateful for her assistance through this joyous life transition!

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