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Working Moms

Since 1983, PEPS has provided opportunities for new parents to build community and find support through programs and events. Families have shared their highs and lows of parenting and have connected during their many weeks together and sometimes beyond that!

Many parents have expressed to us a desire to meet and connect with families who share identities that intersect with their identity as parents and caregivers. We have been listening and recognize the need for this form of connection.

In 2018, mothers working outside of the home accounted for nearly one-third of all employed women in the United States (1). Each day, they face unique challenges as they sort out an additional and new identity as mothers and grapple with returning to their jobs or re-entering the workforce. Mothers also often find themselves needing to balance a career with managing childcare, house care, and caregiving, all of which are often unpaid work. The intersection of these responsibilities and identities translates into an even greater desire to be among those who can understand, empathize, and support their efforts.

PEPS is thrilled to introduce an online pilot peer-support program for mothers working outside of the home. The PEPS Working Moms pilot series is intended to support mothers in exploring their identity and values as working parents and aligning those principles to their lives and careers. This program has been developed as a safe space for working mothers to share practices, resources, and connections with other moms in a similar life stage. The curriculum was devised and based on responses received from nearly 200 working mothers and several personnel professionals from local companies on relevant topics and areas where this parent group has expressed needing additional support. This affinity program is supplemental to our PEPS Newborn Groups and does not cover the same curriculum as standard Newborn Groups. 

This virtual pilot program is a free 8-week series designed specifically for local mothers working outside of the home and raising children ages 0-5 to build community and find support. Each week, a weekly discussion topic will be facilitated by a PEPS Group Leader trained in inclusive facilitation along with time for socializing, connection, and skill building.

In this pilot, our organization will use the program to learn and adapt as we strive to make this an ongoing series and continuously enhance the curriculum. Be sure to participate in the pre- and post-program surveys to share your feedback and help this program grow!

Program Details

Who: This virtual series is open to mothers, adoptive mothers, and non-gestational mothers with children aged 0-5 years, working outside of the home and living in our service region. Participants may choose to attend with or without the baby. Up to 8 parents will participate in each group.

What: An online pilot peer-support group for parents and caregivers who identify as working mothers and are in various stages of their "Return to Work" journey. This will be offered as an 8-week series, with no cost to registrants, and will meet virtually over Zoom. 

For registrants who are preparing to return to work: 

  • Meetings with run for 1.5 hours and will be held on weekday evenings, Friday afternoons, or weekends. 

For registrants who have returned to work in the last 1-12 months

  • Meetings will run for 1.5 hours and will be held on weekday evenings, Friday afternoons, or weekends.

For registrants who have been back at work for 12 months or more

  • Meetings will run for 1.5 hours and will be held on weekday evenings, Friday afternoons, or weekends.

Where: In the comfort of your own home! These pilot groups are currently being offered virtually. Registered participants will receive a Zoom link with a password to maintain the privacy and security of the call.

The PEPS curriculum has been modified for this affinity program. Sample discussion topics include:

  • Successful Re-entry After Parental Leave​  
  • Authenticity at Work 
  • Career Support
  • Guilt as a Working Mom
  • Self-care: Physical Health
  • Self-care: Emotional Health


Registration for this pilot program is currently closed. Are you interested in joining an Affinity program in the future or would like to suggest an affinity? Please fill in our Affinity program interest form to be contacted about the next available series or other series we develop to connect families with similar interests.

Call PEPS at (206) 547-8570 or email us at

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