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Templates for Table Captains

2020 Luncheon banner

1. Email Template

2. Social Media Template

3. Text Template

Template for a message to registered Luncheon guests who have not made a donation yet.

Hi there [guest name],

The PEPS Luncheon day is over, and 206 generous friends thus far collectively raised $74,178 through our virtual campaign. We need to raise $106,822 more to reach our goal of $181,000. When you registered as my guest I am sure you had planned to make a gift and I would love for you to send your gift today. We very much need your support.

There are two easy ways you can make your gift right now:

  1. Make your gift online at [] – Put ‘Luncheon gift/My Name’ in the comment field so that your gift gets counted toward my table.
  2. Send your check (payable to PEPS) along with the giving card in the return envelope you should have received from PEPS in the mail. The PEPS mailing address is: 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, #324, Seattle, WA 98103. Write my name in the giving card so they know to count it toward my Luncheon table.

Thanks to some wonderful Giving Challenge Donors, gifts of $300, $500, and $1,000 will be matched and I encourage you to let yourself be challenged and  stretch your gift if you can.

The PEPS Luncheon raises 25% of the annual fundraising budget and is critical to helping PEPS serve over 4,500 parents this year through programs and services. Parents like Betsy and Brent, Robyn, Emma and Blanca featured in this video that we would have shown you at the Luncheon.

Thank you in advance for showing up for PEPS and new parents!

With gratitude,

[Your name]

Social Media Template

PEPS had to cancel their fundraising event scheduled for March 10 – it raises 25% of their annual fundraising budget! Please consider making a gift to help them reach their goal so they can continue to connect and support new parents in our region!

Text Template

PEPS had to cancel their fundraising luncheon scheduled for March 10. Can you make a gift to support families in our area? []. THANKS so much!

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