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2022 Benefit Campaign Ambassador Templates

2022 Benefit Banner March

What does it mean to be an Ambassador for our 2022 Benefit Campaign?

PEPS Ambassadors are key to the success of our Benefit Campaign!

  • Ambassadors are passionate about the PEPS mission and vision and understand how critical the support of the wider community is to sustain the programs and services PEPS offers.
  • Ambassadors invite their network(s) near and far and help them understand the impact of PEPS.
  • Ambassadors encourage their network(s) to support and sustain PEPS with a financial gift.

Getting started

Put together a list of people you’d like to join you in supporting PEPS with a financial contribution.  We recommend identifying  5-10 people using the A, B, C's: 

  • Ability to give: Choose people that have a little (or a lot) to spare. It’s harder to ask someone who you know is having a hard time financially from something like a lay off, or bills from a medical emergency- make it easy for yourself!
  • Belief in you: Choose people that love you! It’s easier to talk about PEPS and how meaningful it has been to people who want to see your and your family thriving.
  • Connection to the Cause: Choose people who are connected to your kid(s) and/or have their own kids (young or old) and will resonate with PEPS because they know how important it is to have community as a new parent.

Think of all your circles — your PEPS Group, PEPS Groups you have led, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, clients, colleagues and more. You got this!

♦ TIP: If you were in or led a PEPS Group, but have lost touch with one or more members, we can provide contact information to help you reconnect. Contact for help.


Getting connected

Next — start connecting with your network(s).

  • Call, text, email, share on social or try a combination of ways to connect with your community. 
  • Share your PEPS story and why you choose to support PEPS financially, then use our templates for the rest.
  • Share the emails we will be sending throughout March. You can forward them with a personal note encouraging them to give. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, share the posts with a personal anecdote or photo of your family on the PEPS pages:

    Facebook icon ProgramForEarlyParentSupport |  programforearlyparentsupport



Sample Email 1


Being connected to other new parents going through the same thing at the same time helped me feel less alone.  My PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) Group was there for me in a challenging time which is why PEPS is a part of our family's giving plan and we support the organization financially each year.

Will you join me this year in supporting PEPS? ALL gifts through March will be matched for double the impact. You can make your gift here [] now.

More than ever, PEPS relies on the generosity of the community to continue offering their critical peer-support programs for our parenting community. PEPS has significantly expanded programs responding to need to support expectant parents, newborn and second-time parents, LGTBQIA+ parents, single parents, parents of children with developmental challenges and disabilities, parents of adolescents and teens. 

The need to dire. Parents are struggling. A national emergency has been declared by the Surgeon General and the American Association of Pediatrics regarding the mental health of teens. PEPS is a vital antidote. 

Parents need to know that they are not alone; need to be able to learn, laugh and cry in community. And that's what PEPS offers.  Through transformational programming, parents are not alone; we come together to learn, laugh and cry in community. 

I love PEPS because it was so important to me right after I had my baby.

Please join me in supporting an incredibly valuable organization. And enjoy this collection of cuteness - I promise it will make your day!


[Your Name]

P.S.:  If you work for a company that matches charitable contributions, please submit a matching form! That way, you can triple the impact of your gift.


SAMPLE Email 2


I just made a gift to PEPS, helping them reach their spring Benefit Campaign goal, so that they can continue to do the amazing work in our community to connect and support parents and families. Plus: my gift was matched, having double the impact!

I invite you to do the same, because I know how much our group and connection means to you and all of us. Without PEPS we wouldn't know each other, and I can't imagine going through this last year without your support!

Please consider fueling the work of PEPS with a gift. Every gift helps. 


Parents and families need all the love they can get.

[Your Name]


SAMPLE Social MEdia Posts

[Stay tuned]


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