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2012 Annual Report

2012 Year in Review

Strength in Numbers

2296 families served

Due to the incredible generosity of our 422 volunteers, including 24 Board Members who give their time and energy back to PEPS, we were able to serve 2,296 families in 2012 with a lean staff and efficient budget. We offered scholarships to any family in need and put more dollars into program expansion, leader training and curriculum development.

Dear PEPS Community,

2012 was a year of strategic expansion, with specific focus on community outreach and education, core program growth and increased volunteerism; in short doing what we do best even better.

As PEPS moves toward its fourth decade of service, we’re connecting with our community in powerful new ways. PEPS ran 60% more orientations each month of 2012 and hired Outreach Ambassadors in Seattle and outlying communities with the goal of making our programs more accessible to more families in more neighborhoods. Thoughtful online initiatives are making it easier for our loyal participant base to spread the word in more meaningful and tangible ways.

In 2012, PEPS formed 183 Newborn Groups – more than ever before in a single year. Enrollment grew across all programs and I feel especially proud of how well PEPS supports the whole family. Groups with two parents attending grew 10% and, and with the addition of PEPS for Dads, our service to dads jumped 13%.

Since 1983, PEPS has become a vital asset to the well-being of new families in the Seattle area, as well as a building block to creating strong, supportive, neighborhood communities. Over 30,000 parents have turned to PEPS and most return to support PEPS in some way. It’s the passion of our volunteers, donors, ambassadors and parents who share their stories about their parenting journey on our website or Facebook page, and group members who continue to foster the value of peer support and community building as their families grow, that makes the PEPS vision a reality.

Thank you for your trust in our leadership.

LB Kussick Signature

LB Kussick
Executive Director

Building Strong Healthy Families

PEPS Programming

PEPS provides community-based programs that enable parents of infants and young children to meet the challenges of parenting through mutual support and shared information.

PEPS programming is based on five protective factors of parent support and education, bringing new parents together in their communities during the critical first year of parenting when feelings of isolation and inadequacy mix with the joy of welcoming a new baby.

“I didn’t know myself until I started to feel resentful towards my own baby because I was so sleep deprived and just wanted one solid night’s sleep. I didn’t know myself until I was overcome with a new kind of love as I held my baby’s little body against mine. I shared all of these emotions and experiences with my PEPS Group. It was so reassuring to find out that my experiences and feelings were not unique.” - Meg

New parents at the hospital

"PEPS was so helpful to my family, and I really, really love this program.  Our group still meets up, and I can't imagine not having this great support system.  Being a transplant in rainy town with no grandparents/aunts/ uncles/friends to help out made the idea of having a baby scary, but PEPS sure wiped those fears away.” - Dex

PEPS Group in the yard

“The most important lesson I learned in PEPS is that every baby struggles with something. As a stressed out new parent, it's easy to get caught up in whose baby is doing the best. Being in PEPS showed us that we were all battling certain things. We would have definitely felt more alone as parents if it weren't for our PEPS Group.”  – Noel

217 PEPS Groups built community, increased family wellness, and connected new parents with peers in their neighborhood.

PEPS Programming

Volunteer Service

The in-kind value of volunteer service plus donated meeting space comprises over a third of PEPS revenue.

“8 months after having my first baby, I dove into PEPS and led my first group.  At times I thought I was crazy because just adjusting to life with a newborn was busy enough. I met 8 amazing couples with 8 precious newborns. Being busy didn't matter. I looked forward to our weekly meetings and spending time with everyone.” - Jenn Louras, PEPS Group Leader

Volunteer Service


14th Annual PEPS Benefit Luncheon

Thursday, March 6, 2012 | $163,773 raised | 550 guests

“The Luncheon was a great reminder that as an organization, PEPS, has given us amazing friendship and a support group for life.” - Jill Randall, PEPS Alum & Luncheon Table Captain

4th Annual PEPSapalooza Family Music Fest

presented by


Saturday, August 11, 2012 | $53,956 raised | 575 families


1,404 donors and sponsors ensure that all new parents have access to PEPS high-impact programming and can benefit from the connections, education and support that form a foundation for strong, healthy families. Thank you!

"PEPS cannot connect, educate and empower without those of us who have already benefited from its collective wisdom. Each of us needs to step up and volunteer our time, energy and money to make sure we pay forward the gift that was given to us.” - Leo Novsky, PEPS alum

View complete 2012 Donor List

Investment and Impact.

The PEPS model of sourcing revenue equally from donors, program fees and in-kind gifts allows us to keep tuition affordable and sustain scholarship funding.

“Wow! Thank you so much! It might be because I'm 9.5 months pregnant but your email made me cry. I was thinking I wouldn't be able to participate and now I can. I'm so grateful. Thanks again!” -
PEPS Scholarship Recipient

PEPS Scholarship Fund


The PEPS Scholarship Fund, supported by our generous donors, provides income-based scholarships to families who wish to join the PEPS community but cannot afford the program fee.


Investment and Impact

PEPS Board of Directors

The women and men on our Board lend their passion, skills and expertise to help guide PEPS in many respects, from operational oversight and fund development to strategic planning.

Melanie Arena
John Barnhardt (Board President, part year)
Sara Billings
Jay Bitseff
Colin Brissey (President Elect)
Denise Burpee,
James Drage,
Katie Drucker-Thompson,
Nicole Ferrer,
Stacey Fitzpatrick
Alicechandra Fritz (Board President, part year)
Laura Karassik
Chris Lodwig
Sara Manning
Marcy (M) Miller
Colleen Montoya Barbano
Shelley Prosise
Dan Raymond (Treasurer)
Lexy Relph (Secretary)
Katie Samson

Carolyn Sherman
Vicki Smolke
Samantha Steinwinder
Karianna Wilson

Visit for the most recent financial statements.

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