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2023 PEPS Birthday Bash

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Program for Early Parent Support
4649 Sunnyside Ave N, # 324
Seattle, WA 98103


Donations allow PEPS to create inclusive community and authentic connection for parents in our area, expand our programs, work with our partner organizations to offer parent peer-support to under-resourced families, and advocate for parents and families in our region who are facing the most disparities.

Thank you 2023 Table Captains!

2023 PEPS Birthday Bash Sponsors

 wonderful sponsors!
Our sponsors are critical in backing our event costs and we ask that you please support these generous businesses and organizations by visiting them.

Event Sponsors 2023

Get to know the entire Benefit Event sponsorship team here.

    Parents needed support and community in 1983. And they need it in 2023. 

    On May 9th at the PEPS Birthday Bash, more than 500 members of the PEPS community said "yes: social connection is critical, and we will expand access to PEPS." We are thrilled and so grateful for the generosity of our giving community and the support of our Event Sponsors. 

    Inspired to take the next step?

    We need volunteers to lead in-person PEPS groups! Parents are ready to meet in person and we need your help to meet this demand.

    If you feel inspired to lead or co-lead a group, email our Leader Recruitment and Support Specialist Elizabeth Dawson ( and she will follow up with information on groups, training and more. 

    If you’re interested in participating in our new PAT Program for parents of adolescents and teens, please fill out this interest form today.

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    The Impact  and Direction of PEPS

    "I'm grateful to PEPS for allowing me to not be alone through this new experience that's beautiful and hard at the same time. So thank you for doing this and for creating this community. And also, I am grateful that we were in a highly diverse group. I'm from Bulgaria originally, my husband is Asian by origin, we have a very mixed baby, and it was nice to be in a group where there were different nationalities, different races, different gender orientations. So it felt very inclusive and I really appreciated that about PEPS.” — 2022 PEPS Group Participant

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