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The following lists Co-op Preschools affiliated with local community colleges.
Resisting Raising Children Who Feel Entitled
Temperament Quiz
All of us have unique temperaments – aspects of our personality that stay the same all through our lives. This quiz can help you learn how similar or different your temperament and your baby’s temperament are.
Early Literacy
Discipline for Toddlers
Pumping, Storing, and Bottle-Feeding Expressed Milk
Balancing breastfeeding and bottle-feeding can take a bit of practice, but many families quickly find a system that works well for them.
Feeding Your Baby
Feeding Your Baby: 2 weeks to 6 months
Feeding Your Baby and Toddler
Feeding Your Baby & Toddler – A Guide from 5 Months to 3 Years
Healthy Eating Habits for Toddlers
Healthy Eating Habits and Learning Basic Table Manners for Toddlers
Lactation Cookie Recipe
Housepoets' Famous Lactation Boosting Oatmeal, Chocolate and Flaxseed Cookies
Make Your Own Baby Food
Making Your Own Baby Food PEPS Handout
Starting a Baby Food Exchange
Solid Food Cheat Sheet
Baby's First Year Solid Food Cheat Sheet
Anger Scenarios
Anger Scenarios for Group Discussion
The Positive Impact of Fathers
Research by The Center for Successful Fathering, Inc.
Toys and Games
Toys and Games for Babies & Toddlers
Activities for Babies
Fun Activities with Babies & Kids
Partners Checklist
Checklist: Planning with your partner before baby arrives
Parents in Parenting
Tips For Keeping Your Relationship Strong
Potty Training
15 steps to successful potty training
Expressing Appreciation
Relationships: Expressing Appreciation
Communication Needs
Relationships: Communicating about what you really need
Love Languages
What is Your Love Language?
Finding the Time and Space
Relationships: Finding the Time and Space to Be Together
Bids for Connection
Relationships: Bids for Connection
Bringing a baby home to your pet
Introducing your pet
Dogs and Toddlers
Learning to Live Happily Ever After
Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)
Kaela Koepke, Perinatal Support of WA Volunteer
I-Labs Research Opportunity
I-LABS at the UW is looking for families with healthy newborns (0-3 weeks) for a study on babies and touch.
Audio-Video link for Group activity
Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs)
Facts about PMADs and what can help, written by a PEPS Parent and Volunteer at the Perinatal Support Washington
First Responders First
Bright Horizons Child Care Hubs
I Am Proud of Myself and My Sibling
Developmental Moment activity for STA groups: "I Am Proud of Myself and My Sibling". The hope of this activity is to help your older child begin to develop a positive self-concept while also encouraging positive regard for their sibling.
Everyday Developmental Moments
Singing, dancing, exercising and simply talking…those are special moments between parents/caregivers and babies. Such simple activities that can be folded into everyday activities hold surprising power
Demystifying Developmental Moments
Developmental Movements aren’t just a little break in the action...they ARE the action!
Tips for better sleep - birth to 6 months
by Macall Gordon, M.A., Researcher, Speaker and Certified Sleep Coach
Tips for better sleep - 6 months to 3 years
by Macall Gordon, M.A., Researcher, Speaker and Certified Sleep Coach
Choosing Child Care
If you’re looking for child care, the choices can feel overwhelming. Here’s a five step process to help guide you through narrowing down your options
Parenting Style
(updated 8/2023) What’s your parenting style? A short quiz.
10 Safety Tips for Car Travel with Children
10 Safety Tips For All New Parents, Caregivers, And Others Who Travel By Vehicle With Children
Car Seat Education, Installation and Support
Car Seat Education, Installation and Support from King County

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