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Why Give?

Why Give

35 years and 52,000 families strong and we're just getting started... thanks to supporters like you.


With a lean staff, efficient budget and solid business model, PEPS is able to offer scholarships to any family in need and invest more dollars into program quality and delivery, leader training and curriculum development to reach more families and communities than ever. This is all due to the incredible generosity of supporters like you, who are deeply rooted in our community and passionate about supporting new parents through the first critical months and year of life with a new baby. Thank you!

You Make a Difference

Through the support of individual donors, foundations, community partnerships and volunteer leaders, PEPS is able to sustain, strengthen and grow its parent support programs by:

Keeping all programs accessible to all families. Our scholarship program, 100% funded by donors, allows all parents, regardless of ability to pay, an opportunity to participate in a PEPS Group.

Strengthening group leadership. We invest in quality training, supervision, evaluation and support for group facilitators. Your gift helps over 200 group leaders annually be equipped to offer the best possible group experience to participating parents.

Expanding PEPS programs. Investing in strategic marketing efforts to reach new families and communities that don’t currently have peer support and parent education programs like PEPS is our most important goal. Your support helps PEPS work toward our vision of communities in which no parent feels isolated and ill-equipped.

The Power of PEPS

The power of PEPS is stronger than ever: building community, strengthening families, increasing family wellness, and preparing families to cope with life stresses.

PEPS parents say it best:

Breaking the Cycle: "The confidence I gained was essential to my becoming a better mother. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect mom, but there is such thing as a good mom!"

All In the Family: "We believe strong families build a stronger society and that PEPS also acts as a preventative resource in the community because, as Kathy says, "It's easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix it later."

My Safe Place: "My husband Jeff and I decided, after all PEPS has done for us, we wanted to give back. All parents really need a support system and for us, especially as the parents of a special needs child, PEPS was a lifesaver."

Why Donors Choose PEPS

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