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PEPS Date Night Challenge

Date Night

We want to hear your date night ideas! Email or share with us on Facebook. We’ll then post all the ideas (before the challenge) on our blog to get you in the mood to take the PEPS Date Night Challenge.

Or mail your donation to:
Program for Early Parent Support
4649 Sunnyside Ave N, # 324
Seattle, WA 98103

PEPS DATE Night Challenge

Being a parent is tough, no doubt. But be sure to take time for yourself this month. Self-care is seldom prioritized, but even a few hours away from the kids can ensure you are meeting your own needs. One way you can show yourself a little love is to participate in the PEPS Date Night Challenge.

Take the Date Night Challenge

Misha and her husband

  1. DATE. Get a sitter, go out, & have fun! All types of dates count so be creative: dinner out or in, a walk, girls’ or guys’ night out - you name it!
  2. DONATE. The creation, education, & empowerment of PEPS communities is only possible through your continued support. If you took the challenge, please consider a donation to PEPS - any gift, big or small is appreciated and helps us create more supportive villages for new parents.
  3. CAPTURE. Take a photo or video of your date night to share with PEPS on Facebook! Use the hashtag #PEPSDateNightChallenge and tag @ProgramForEarlyParentSupport (please note: your post must be public for PEPS to see/receive it).
  4. CHALLENGE. Share the fun & challenge at least three of your friends to a date night of their own by tagging them in your date night post. Here is a sample message to send to your friends:
    "Just took the #PEPSDateNightChallenge and had a blast with [name of your date night partner] at/doing [insert what you did]. So needed a 'time out' and made my gratitude donation to PEPS for their important work in our community (or: for keeping me/us sane). I challenge @friend1, @friend2, @friend3 to take the PEPS DateNight Challenge and make an online donation to PEPS [donation link:]. Go take care of yourself!

Date Night Tips

  • Babysitting an issue? Consider asking your PEPS friends to trade babysitting on your date nights.
  • Don't know what to do during your date night? Check out our blog for some date night ideas. And share your ideas on our facebook page and we will make sure to add it to the blog.


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