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GiveBIG 2017

Tuesday, May 10, 2017 is GiveBIG, the annual online giving event of the Seattle Foundation!

Make your online gift to PEPS until May 10 midnight at the Seattle Foundation's Online Giving Center. Thanks to the generous support of the Horizons Foundation all gifts made to PEPS during GiveBIG (April 27-May 10 midnight) will have double the impact! The Horizons Foundation matches each gift 1:1 up to our goal of $11,000. THANK YOU!

Give Big Now

What your support helps PEPS accomplish

Anke and Arbey participated in PEPS this year, and through their PEPS Group, maybe just like you, they found the support, connection and community they needed when they became parents.

Program fees don’t cover it all – we rely on gifts large and small to help us reach and connect new parents each year.

Please make a small gift during GiveBIG and together we will fund our GiveBIG goal of $11,000. It’s a fun way to get involved in community giving and a great way to make a BIG difference for new parents.

  • A gift of $200 covers financial assistance for one family (2 parents) participating in an evening PEPS Group
  • A gift of $150 covers financial assistance for one family (1 parent) participating in a daytime PEPS Group
  • Ten gifts of $100 cover the annual cost for one Zero To Five Book that group leaders receive to teach parents age appropriate activities with their babies
  • Ten gifts of $50 cover the cost for one group leader facilitation training. Group leaders are offered facilitation training in addition to their basic training
  • Ten gifts of $42 cover the cost to print our PEPS Curriculum and Training Materials for our Group Leader training

Help us make the most of GiveBIG for PEPS!

Spread the word to your circle of friends! Email, Twitter, Facebook, call and talk to them about this amazing way to support PEPS and new and growing families. Copy/Paste this paragraph to spread the love:

You know what PEPS means to me and our family! I would not be the parent I am without my PEPS Group and without PEPS.

So please join me in Giving BIG to PEPS. You can do so by making an online donation to PEPS at the Seattle Foundation between April 27 and May 10, midnight.Thank you for helping PEPS reach its goal of $11,000 so that more new and growing families can benefit from a supportive PEPS community.

Small gifts or large – they all will support new families!
[Your name]

THANK YOU, Seattle Foundation , for organizing this one-day community-wide online charitable giving event, inspiring people to give generously to their favorite non-profit causes (like PEPS!) who make our region a healthier and more vital place to live.

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