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Recommend PEPS


PEPS thrives on personal recommendations! 85% of our participants find out about PEPS from a friend or someone they know.

Send new or expecting parents to our registration site to view available groups.

And, visit our Get the Word Out page for a host of quick and easy ways you can share the PEPS experience with friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and even folks you've just met.

There are several great programs for families in the Seattle area. But no other organization that builds communities for emotional support and parent education like PEPS does.

What happens when expectant parents don't hear the news about PEPS?

Listen as KC Johnston, a parent of an 18 month old daughter, tells us what her parenting journey was like without the support of a PEPS Group.

We know that new parents, so often feeling overwhelmed and overextended, need somebody to reach out and remind them about available resources like PEPS. It feels good to know that somebody else has "been there" and to hear about the often lifesaving support and community a PEPS group can provide.

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