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PEPS Moms share how they recharge

As a new parent, your life is quickly consumed by taking care of others, but it’s important to take care of yourself too!

PEPS Mom Group

"In the beginning, almost eleven years ago, our PEPS group was very focused on taking care of our babies, putting ourselves on the back burner. I remember we set a date to go out to dinner. We were all so excited to take our nursing bras off for a couple of hours and enjoy some time with just each other. I think only four or five of us could make it and one person was summoned back home by her babysitter. Not exactly the big night out we had envisioned!

We have done two trips to Las Vegas to compete in half-marathons, one by ourselves, and one with our husbands. These were so fun! The day of the marathon, we went to the spa in our hotel and enjoyed some much needed relaxation. Then we went shopping! We all agreed this was the funnest day of our trip.

Last year we celebrated all of our "babies" turning ten years old by taking a trip to Palm Springs, California. It was a wonderful trip and the kids got along so well. They picked up right where they left off. They are like cousins.

In early March of this year, we got together for a dinner out at a new restaurant on Capitol Hill. We, as always, talked about our kids and got caught up on sports, school, friends, hobbies, etc. Then we started talking about how we needed a Moms trip without kids. So, this year, in honor of eleven years of friendship, we are going back to Palm Springs for Cinco de Mayo weekend without our kids.

After all, our babies brought us together but it is our lasting friendships that have brought us to this point. We will be making a cheers to PEPS with our Margaritas this Cinco de Mayo. Thank you, PEPS!"

– A PEPS mom

We asked our PEPS Alumni "How does your PEPS Group help you take care of yourself? Do you take time away and rejuvenate together, do girls nights or weekends away? Does it help to have a sounding board to talk about the pressures of parenthood?"

And our PEPS Alumni shared how they as new parents recharge their batteries...

Mom's Night out with the PEPS Moms is the best!  - Kamm

I recharge my batteries with knit nights out with my friends, visits to the salon, Happy Hour nights with my PEPS Mamas and Sunday morning runs with my running group. Wow! I might have a lot of recharge time. Luckily I also have a very supportive husband!  - Rebecca

As a mom to three week old twin boys I've learned that self care is so important! I've managed to escape for a pedicure (massaging chair a must) followed by a glass of wine with a girlfriend. A quick evening run is also great. But sometimes the best self care for me is a moment to just stare at my boys and reflect on how lucky we are to have adorable healthy babies. - Jenn

I LOVE to go to the flea market or to local thrift stores to find rare treasures with my girlfriends... one might call them garbage. haha. Then I have small projects to distract me amidst the insane life with two kids under 3. Whether it is reconstructing an old garment, repainting an old piece of furniture, or creating a piece of art from old book pages... My creativity is what fuels my fire and keeps me going. I also love to use old illustrated botanical books to do crafts with the kids! Then I feel like I'm getting away from the stress WITH my girls. I hope we can make it a tradition!  - Emily

We do Mom's Nights out once a month - usually with yummy food or drinks. Our favorite local spots are In the Red on Phinney and Hot Cakes in Ballard. I also host craft night once a month to keep my creative juices flowing! - Monica

I haven't started with my PEPS group yet, but I am hoping that it will help me by having other moms to share advice and also just to relate to. It will be nice to talk to others going through the same things that I am experiencing. - Justine

Getting together with other mamas sans the kiddos helps me remember that I'm both a mom AND a person! It's nice to get out and be me from time to time. - Shannon

We loved being a part of our PEPS group! Lately though if I can manage a few hours of crafting does wonders for my soul. - Samnang

My PEPS group helps me take care of myself by allowing me to be a woman and a mom at the same time. I can come dressed in my Sunday best or I can come rolling out of bed and I know that the other women will understand and commiserate on what kind of day I'm having. This helps me realize that the best thing I can do to take care of myself is to try and relax in little moments when the day is going really well or when the day can't go more wrong. The group also helps to let me know that I'm a human and not perfect. If I can't do everything, that's OKAY, just as long as I can love my baby and do my best, the world will continue to spin and my child will continue to grow. I'm not alone, thanks to PEPS! - A PEPS mom

Love MamaCon! - Nita

My PEPS group will forever be a part of my story... between meeting with our babies weekly for almost three years to our weekends or evenings away with just mamas, we helped each other figure out what this newborn "new normal" really meant... with love. - Rachel

Our PEPS Group does periodic girls' night out - dinner and plenty of time to unwind without our babies - time to share highs and lows and support each other. It's lovely! - Julia

I go away every year with two of my PEPS mommy friends from 2003. We have added a few other Moms to the mix and this will be our 6th year. We leave Friday night and come back Sunday afternoon everybody is better for it. - Sarah

We do our best to have Moms Only get-togethers every few months. Coming up soon, we will all be getting a little pampering with manicures and pedicures followed by dinner and drinks! The time spent together is invaluable. - Kate

I have my night out with 3 or 4 moms from my Mom's Support Group (my group from Swedish Hospital that met weekly for 8 weeks when our babies were newborns). We go out for dinner on Tuesday nights - just a couple hours from 5-7 PM every week to go to a restaurant that we are hankering to try or haven't been to in a long time.

For my night out (my husband has his too), I leave my son home with my husband. Some of the others will bring their baby sometimes as necessary. It is a great thing to have a night of the week to look forward to go out, have drinks if you can (it's Happy Hour at that time!), and enjoy some time to yourself with adults! We talk about our babies, but also try to catch up on non-baby stuff too.

Also, I definitely try to get out once a day - walk or drive - to get a small espresso drink as my daily treat. It is nice to get a walk, fresh air, new faces for the baby -- we have fun getting out of the house to break any monotony experienced at home. – A PEPS mom

Our PEPS group with 2007 babies still gets together for margaritas, wine tours...and I'm sure we do some stuff not involving alcohol... But it's the conversation, the laughter, the tears and support that recharges us! - Sarah

It's been great to get together with other parents who are also really interesting *people*! It's refreshing to have a few beers and hear how different families balance their lives. As our kids get older, I like when we all get together (parents and kids)--watching toddlers spin and chase each other makes it fun for all of us! - Jennifer

I recharge my batteries with a Mom's night out, a pedicure or a massage. – Danielle

Now that the sun is up longer, I leave the house when the boy is ~almost~ to bed. I let hubby finish the job and I leave the house and take a walk by myself. Amazingly, a few chores are usually done when I get back - they wouldn't have been if I had stayed in the house. Voila - a better attitude. - Rosemary

Dinner or a drink out with friends is a nice way to recharge. Also, a walk is another nice option. - Mary

I look forward to the opportunity to laugh over silly things our kids do and say, discuss important topics, sometimes cry, and simply enjoy the greatness that is being a parent. I hope to form lifelong friendships for me as well my daughter! - Mara

I'm a new mama and we just had our first girls' night out last night -- it was great! It was also the first time I've been away from the baby for an extended time, so it was nice to spend it with other moms who empathize (and are also secretly checking their phones for baby status texts between Mai Tai sips). We're all in the same boat -- and it's much smoother sailing together. - Kathryn

I get together with my girlfriends once a month for our own version of 'hot topics'. - Jana

Monthly moms night out with my PEPS group! Live for those evenings! - Amy

Going to the Hothouse for a soak. - Kimberly

I love PEPS because I can share personal thoughts and realize I am not the first or only mom to have worries or concerns. – Jennifer

We want to hear how you and your PEPS Group recharge. Share how you take care of yourself.

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