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Leading A Group


PEPS Group Leaders create a welcoming space for new parents to share, connect, and support one another.

PEPS facilitators are compassionate, empathetic, resourceful and real. They don't have all the answers, but they are passionate about helping parents generate ideas, find information and build neighborhood communities.

Many people lead PEPS Groups as a way to give back because they loved their PEPS experience and many others are new to PEPS. All tell us they find great joy and satisfaction in helping new parents connect and share through their PEPS groups.

We Always Need Leaders

Volunteers lead over 348 groups each year, serving more than 4,100 families in Seattle, on the Eastside, and in Snohomish County. We start a new group nearly every other day! Demand from new parents grows continually, and so does our need for leaders.



We appreciate warm, sensitive communicators, who are accepting of varied child-rearing practices and diverse lifestyles. Interest in early childhood development, experience in education or facilitation, previous PEPS group participation, or being a parent are welcome pluses.

Leaders attend a 4-hour training or 2-hour refresher.


Time Commitment

Leaders commit to leading a group for 12 consecutive weeks, fewer if you choose to co-lead with a friend, spouse or partner.

On average, leaders dedicate 4 hours a week, including preparation, travel, meeting time and communication with PEPS and your group. Newborn groups are 2 hours each week and Second Time Around are 1.5 hours.

PEPS has daytime and evening options most days of the week and in many areas. We can often make minor adjustments to the schedule to accommodate you.



This is a wonderful way to divide the time commitment and double the resources for group participants. Co-leaders typically attend the first and last weeks together and alternates meetings in between. Co-leaders may also swap childcare during meeting time.

Co-leaders are most successful when they are acquainted with one another, but we can help you find a match as well. Ask a PEPS friend, other friends and colleagues or someone who hasn't been part of a PEPS group. Parents in evening groups appreciate hearing from men and women.


Group Leader Training

Volunteers attend one 4-hour training session. Trainings explain the structure of a PEPS meeting and provide practice with active listening, group dynamics, meeting planning, and discussion facilitation. You'll learn new skills and get prepared to lead a group, whether you are an experienced facilitator or new to the experience.



Find a group to lead near your home or work. Most groups travel less than 3 miles to a meeting in Seattle, and up to 10-12 miles in more suburban communities.



We ask our volunteers to facilitate meetings without their own children present so that they can give their attention to the parents. Co-leaders can swap dates, evening group leaders may have childcare coverage at home, and some folks line up a friend who volunteers to handle childcare each week while the volunteer leads the group.


Planned and Unplanned Absences

With advance notice, PEPS may be able to find a substitute for a meeting. Or, you may suggest your group meets on their own for one week and then extend the session to a 13th week that the leader can attend.


Leader Manual

Each leader receives a handbook that provides detailed information and all the tools you'll need to plan meetings, guide discussions and support new parents.


Support and Mentorship

PEPS staff are available throughout your group to answer questions, provide suggestions, and help you navigate sensitive situations. We can also connect you with an experienced leader mentor and a discussion forum to ask questions and share ideas with other leaders.


Other Requirements

We require our volunteer group facilitators to be current with the Tdap vaccine booster. Getting vaccinated with Tdap at least two weeks before coming into close contact with an infant is advised.

Group leaders also have a Washington State background check before working with parents and children.

Group leaders need to be able to access online rosters and email and have transportation to their group meetings.


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