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A Magical Match

2022 Community Benefit

Why I'm going to match every single donation during this year's PEPS Giving Campaign in March

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Back in 1962 a young couple was transferred to Syracuse, New York and almost immediately became first-time parents.  They had no local family, friends, or community connections . . . and no “Baby Bible” with answers for the incessant crying, funky poops, spit ups, rashes, non-sleeping, etc etc . . .

That exhausted, clueless young mother was me . . . and almost 60 years later with four adult daughters and 10 grandchildren I still vividly remember being just plain desperate for SOMEONE/ANYONE to alleviate both my loneliness and my ever-increasing sense of failure as my equally exhausted husband demanded that I “do something”.

Today thanks to PEPS and its early parenting support groups offering ever-expanding community outreach throughout the Greater Seattle area, there are far fewer desperately lonely, frightened parents than my husband and I were.  However, two years of Covid have re-imposed the very isolation among young families and throughout their communities that PEPS has dedicated its efforts to minimize.  

The PEPS staff is mastering every interactive, technological advance available to not only connecting families but to facilitate new community outreach.  Of course, these new efforts and the specialized training require additional funding . . .  SO, throughout the PEPS Giving Campaign in March, I am offering to match every individual gift, however large or small, you are able to contribute . . . and I know that among us all, we will meet the necessary PEPS operating budget for this next year.  Most importantly, I also know that each of you will be happy to remain a part of this critically needed program benefitting so many families such as yours were . . . or might have been.” ~ Donor who wishes to remain anonymous

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