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PAT Pilot Program Facilitator (Contract Position)

PEPS is seeking a Facilitator for our Parents of Adolescents and Teens (PAT) pilot program.

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The PEPS Parents of Adolescents and Teens (PAT) program offers education and peer support for parents of adolescents between 10 to 18 years old.

At each meeting, families will have the opportunity to share about their parenting experiences, discuss evidence-based information on a topic essential to adolescent development (e.g., adolescent brain development, gender identity development, parenting skills) and participate in activities to facilitate information understanding, skill development, and bonding/building social connections with other participants. The emphasis is on shared information and mutual support in a community of parents to help develop confidence in their parenting abilities during a challenging developmental period.


PAT Group Leaders (GL) facilitate a two-hour peer-support group for parents of adolescents once a week online. These meetings will take place in the daytime or evening for a total of nine (9) weeks. Each session will include GLs guiding the parent participants in sharing their Highs and Lows; presenting information; facilitating a topic discussion; and an activity such as role-playing, breakout groups, etc.

PAT Groups have a capacity for 10-12 individuals per group (single parents, couples, or any other parenting dyad e.g., grandparent + parent). 

Training and Ongoing Support

PEPS will provide a 90-minute virtual training for all new PAT Group Leaders. PEPS will also offer ongoing supervision and support for Leaders. PAT Leaders will be invited to attend a 60-minute, weekly Zoom meeting hosted by the PAT Program Manager. These meetings will be an opportunity to discuss weekly group(s), solve challenges, and receive feedback and support from other current PAT facilitators.

    Core Responsibilities

    • Plan, facilitate and oversee weekly PAT group meetings with an emphasis on delivering information. Lead discussions and activities and facilitate peer support in a community of parents of adolescents & teens.
    • Facilitation and logistics – attend & facilitate all meetings; start and end meetings on time; communicate with the group after each weekly meeting to share a summary of the discussion & appropriate resources as needed; administer weekly post-meeting feedback survey.
    • Weekly content delivery – generally follow the format of program curriculum and meeting; prepare to deliver content and lead a discussion using the discussion prompts, facilitate parent activities as a group or as small breakout groups for each session.
    • Administration - Maintain weekly attendance records and submit weekly reports to PAT Program Manager; participate in weekly meetings with PAT Program Manager to discuss group logistics, curriculum, etc.; distribute weekly group reminders along with parent-related materials; encourage completion of weekly participation feedback survey, post-group program evaluation, and post-group interview.
    • Group meeting location & hosting schedule – Facilitators will host each weekly group meeting online using Zoom, and access to video and sound on a computer is required. PEPS will pay for or reimburse Group Leaders for their Zoom plan.

    Core Knowledge and Skills

    • Strong subject matter knowledge of adolescent health and development.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills (i.e., clearly articulating and communicating complex ideas, facilitating cohesion and rapport between group members, and establishing a safe environment for families to share openly).
    • Demonstrated passion for families, parents, and youth.
    • Strong understanding of the PEPS mission, programs, and impact.
    • Demonstrated experience operating with a racial equity lens.


    • 2+ years of experience facilitating groups or classes for adults, or equivalent experience.
    • 2+ years of training (education or professional experience) around child/adolescent development/mental health, related field, and parent needs and support resources.
    • Experience with inclusive facilitation (therapy group, support group, information group, teaching).

    Time Commitment

    Leaders can expect to spend, on average, 3 hours a week. This may include meeting preparation, the 2-hour meeting time, and communicating with participants and PEPS staff.

    Groups will run for 9 weeks, with 8 PEPS-facilitated group meetings. There will be 4 weeks of facilitated meetings, followed by a one-week ‘break’. In this fifth week, Leaders will encourage PAT participants who are comfortable gathering in person to coordinate a social meetup. Leaders can provide questions or prompts for participants to use at this gathering, but PEPS Leaders will not facilitate this fifth meeting. The group will then resume for the remaining 4 weeks.


    This position is on a contract basis. PAT Group Leaders will receive $1,800 per group led.

    To Apply:

    To apply, please submit the following:

    • A resumé that summarizes your relevant professional, educational, and volunteer experiences.
    • A cover letter that clearly explains how your professional background and interests are in alignment with the core skills and qualifications described in this position announcement.
    • How many PAT Groups you would be interested in leading.
    • 3 references that can speak to your experience as a facilitator and/or working with parents and adolescents.
    • Please include which pronouns you use.

    Please email your application to Sarah Crystal at Electronic submissions only, please.

    All Leaders must successfully complete a background check.

    PEPS values and celebrates the strengths that diversity brings to the workplace and is committed to advancing equity through our work. Cultivating a diverse and inclusive staff is one of our priorities. People of color and persons with underrepresented identities are strongly and sincerely encouraged to apply. PEPS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    Learn more about PEPS and our PAT Program.

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