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How PEPS Helps Build Healthy Families

Build Healthy Families

PEPS provides peer support programs for new parents.

Every 15 minutes a new baby is born in our community. We want the best for them and their future. That’s why we focus on parents.

All new families deserve support, friendship, and community during what many parents describe as the most challenging transition of their lives.

Good support strengthens resilience for the next milestone, challenge or change, helps create the bond between parents and babies, and shapes a baby’s healthy development.

We ask parents before their group starts what they most hope to find in a PEPS Group, and they want things like information, finding out about resources or strategies for a fussy eater or sleeplessness or potty training, but most of all, they know they need social support.

protective factors

Social Support is one of 5 Protective Factors for family wellness.

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