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Images: Child Development

kids reading
Kids playing in box
Kevin Emerson
Patricia Anderson
Cara and Theo
Kid playing drums
Kid playing drums at PEPSapalooza
Donna Marie Bertrand
Executive Director of The Children's Museum in Seattle, who oversees educational programming and content development
Toddlers on little bikes
Toddlers learnign how to ride a bike.
The Scientist in the Crib
The Scientist in the Crib: What Early Learning Tells Us About the Mind
Jan Faull, M.Ed., has taught Parent Education for more than twenty-seven years. Jan's weekly column Parenting for The Seattle Times ran for ten years.
Sarina Natkin esized
Speaker Sarina
Louise Brooks
Umbrella Tree owner
Process Art
Two girls making art
Art Play
The benefits are not in the product but within the process of creating.

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