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Leadership Opportunities


Volunteers lead Newborn and Second Time Around groups. All are facilitated peer support groups with parents and babies attending together; though formats vary slightly according to the child's age.

"The little people have a lot to tell us, if we listen carefully with our eyes, ears, hearts and an open mind. They help us learn who they are and how to care for them!"
- Debra, PEPS Group Leader



Babies aged 0-4 months at the start. Meetings rotate between group members' homes and are 2 hours long. About 60% of Newborn groups meet in the evenings or on weekends and usually include 7-8 couples and 1 or 2 solo parents, all attending with their babies. Roughly 40% are daytime groups and usually involve 8 - 12 primary caregivers and babies (one parent attending).

Second Time Around

Parents with second babies in the 0-4 month range can attend Second Time Around groups - very similar to the Newborn program, except that the infant has an older sibling who does not attend. Meetings rotate between group members' homes and meet in the daytime for 2 hours. One parent, usually mom, attends with the newborn and discussion topics broaden to include welcoming a new sibling into the family. Sessions run for 11 weeks, and a typical group size is 6-10 families.

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