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PEPS Group Leaders create a welcoming space for new parents to share, connect, and support one another.

'Becoming a PEPS facilitator was just another step for me to embrace being a full-time dad, and another chance to share my values of respect and volunteerism.  Young families and building community are a couple of the things that I am passionate about right now, so it seemed natural that I would give back to PEPS by volunteering.  My goal as a facilitator was to try and create a respectful forum for discussion and sharing as well as lasting family-like relationships within our community.' - Sean, PEPS group leader


Volunteer Group Leaders (facilitators) are what makes our model work. PEPS leaders are intentionally not experts, but are often parents themselves.

PEPS facilitators are compassionate, empathetic, resourceful and real. They don't have all the answers, but they are passionate about helping parents generate ideas, find information and build neighborhood communities together.

Some leaders give back as a way of honoring their own PEPS experience. Many are new to PEPS. All tell us they find great joy and satisfaction in helping new parents connect and share through their PEPS groups.

We Always Need Leaders

Volunteers lead over 200 groups each year, serving more than 2,400 families in Seattle, on the Eastside, and in Snohomish County. We start a new group nearly every other day! Demand from new parents grows continually, and so does our need for leaders. We offer monthly leader trainings.

If you loved being part of a PEPS group, join again as a leader. If your kids are past PEPS ages, here's an ideal way to experience the magic of our groups.


We appreciate warm, sensitive communicators, who are accepting of varied child-rearing practices and diverse lifestyles. Interest in early childhood development, experience in education or facilitation, previous PEPS group participation, or being a parent yourself are welcome pluses.

Leaders commit to working with their group for 12 consecutive weeks, fewer if you choose to co-lead with a friend, spouse, partner, or colleague. PEPS provides specialized training and group leaders have access to experienced PEPS staff mentorship and a wealth of resources online.

Due to concerns of Pertussis outbreaks in Western Washington, we require our volunteer group facilitators to be current with the Tdap vaccine booster. Getting vaccinated with Tdap at least two weeks before coming into close contact with an infant is advised.


It’s our job to help you have a wonderful, fun and rewarding experience as a leader. We’ve designed lots of resources and provide training and support all along the way. The links below outline key details about the role and include answers to prospective leaders’ most frequently asked questions.

PEPS Volunteer Resource Fund: Thanks to the generous support of our donors, PEPS Group Leaders receive in-depth training, supervision and evaluation by our PEPS staff and experts in the field.

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