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Benefits: Why We Volunteer

Volunteering with PEPS - A lovely way to help new families negotiate the first few months of parenting

Shawna and her family
"Motherhood has taught me to be patient and kind, to maintain my sense of humor under duress…. Now why the hell can’t I list it on my resume?” - Shawna, PEPS volunteer and blogger at

Many of our volunteers have been through PEPS as participants and would love to give back to our organization in a meaningful way.

Others have a passion for the parenting adventure and want to share their skills and enthusiasm among families in their community.

Whatever your motivation, the rewards of volunteering include:


  • Training and experience in group facilitation and the opportunity to stretch your skill set
  • Demonstrating volunteerism to your own children
  • The satisfaction of supporting new parents at a vulnerable time
  • Knowing that you have had a hand in building a more cohesive community

Meet just a few PEPS Volunteer Group Leaders

Image PlaceholderRenewing a Commitment

Being a PEPS leader gives me the chance to wake up and shake off the day to day, and renew my commitment to myself and my kids to be the best mom I can.

Wendy W StoryA Rewarding Contribution

I think it makes such a big difference for parents to have a consistent, welcoming and supportive community during those first fragile months.

Image PlaceholderHelping Others Connect

Think about how much you benefited from your group, and the joy you can feel helping others finding those connections.

PEPS volunteers also help plan events, serve on our Board of Directors and pitch in around the office. Learn more about how you can join our enthusiastic team, plus the training, and leadership opportunities PEPS volunteers enjoy.

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