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Individual Giving


Enable parents of infants and young children to build communities that empower them to meet the challenges of parenting through mutual support and sharing of information.

"PEPS gave me support, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on and people to share the little tiny wonders of my son that only another mom could enjoy. Most importantly though, PEPS gave me a place to feel safe when I was questioning everything I was doing and friends that, no matter how old my kids get, I will remember forever.” - Allison Jones, PEPS mom

Make a Direct Donation Online

Or mail your tax-deductible donation to:

Program for Early Parent Support,
4649 Sunnyside Ave N, # 324
Seattle, WA 98103.

Please contact Development Director Marion Mohrlok at if you would like to make your gift via a stock transfer.


Join our Monthly Giving Club

As little as $10 a month goes a long way in supporting new families.

Workplace Giving

Participating in a workplace giving/matching gift program not only amplifies your gift but it gives you the opportunity to directly influence your company's philanthropic endeavors in support of new families.

Fun Giving

Host a party - raise awareness and money for PEPS! It's easy to host your own party or event.

Make a night of it - Take care of yourself, have fun and give back by taking part in the PEPS Date Night Challenge.

Long Term Giving

Help PEPS plan for the future - become a Sustainers Circle Member by making a three-year commitment to donate a minimum of $1,500 per year. PEPS Sustainer Circle Members ensure the health and vitality of PEPS for years to come.

Legacy Giving

PEPS Legacy Circle Members make a lasting statement of their compassion for children and their families as they name PEPS as a beneficiary in their will, living trust, life insurance, or retirement plan, and through other deferred arrangements, such as gift annuities and charitable trusts.

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