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National Grandparents Day Happy Hour


We look forward to welcoming you at our  Happy Hour on National Grandparents Day on Sunday, September 10, 4-6 pm

Location: Olympus Apartment Lobby, Seattle, WA 98121 (across from the Sculpture Park)

What's in store:

  • Wine & Light hors d’oeuvres
  • Celebratory Surprise
  • Discussion topic: ‘Your Grandparent Legacy’ with Jan Faull, M.Ed, retired parent educator, former parenting columnist for The Seattle Times, and grandmother of four.

    As grandparents we are all consumed about caring for and loving on our grandchildren, helping them grow and spending as much time with them as possible. Often we don’t share our own history with our grandchildren, and even our children. What do they know about our experiences, the historical moments we lived through, our life story? What do we share about where we studied, worked, traveled; or our joys, sorrows, successes, disappointments? During our discussion, we will reflect on how we can pass on to our grandchildren and children who we are and our history as people.

Come and bring a friend to celebrate being a grandparent, and meet & mingle with other grandparents in our area in an informal and relaxed setting.