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PEPS Luncheon Childcare FAQs

Childcare Provider: Poppy

Poppy provides trusted, qualified childcare in the Seattle area, and their sitters will be on hand to make sure your child has a good experience at the event.

Childcare Space: Seattle Center Armory Loft

This historic building on the Seattle Center campus is right next to our Luncheon venue, Fisher Pavilion. Childcare will be located in Armory Loft Room 2, upstairs.

Childcare Activities

Childcare staff will provide age-appropriate toys, books and activities for all children.

What’s the age range of the children at your event childcare?

Event Childcare is able to provide care for children between ages 18 months to 5 years at the event. Babes in arms are welcome at the PEPS Luncheon.

How many spaces do you have?

Event Childcare is offered for up to 40 children on a space-available basis. However, there will be a waiting list after spaces are filled up. In the past, all children on the waiting list could be accommodated.

When is childcare available?

Children can be dropped off as early as 10:30 am on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 and must be picked up by 1:15 pm.

How and where do I register for childcare at the PEPS Luncheon?

Childcare registration is the responsibility of the parent (not the Table Captain). Guests can register for childcare here.

Is there a registration deadline?

Registration deadline is February 12, 2018, but space may fill before then. There will be a waiting list after spaces are filled up. If you have signed up and don’t need childcare anymore, PLEASE contact be sure to let Event Childcare know.

What do I need to bring?

Since childcare will take place during the lunch hour, each child must have a pre-packed nut-free lunch with them. You will also need to pack diapers, nap time mat and bottles if applicable. Please clearly mark all your child's belongings with your child's name. And please bring anything that might help your child feel comfortable (blanket, stuffed animal…).

What if my child cries while I’m away?

Each parent must provide a cell phone number that will be available for use during the Luncheon (on vibrate), so that childcare providers can contact you in case of a medical emergency or meltdown.

I have registered my child for the event childcare, but our plans have changed.

If your plans change and you cannot attend the Luncheon anymore or don’t need childcare, PLEASE contact Event Childcare right away letting them know that your childcare spot is no longer needed. We typically fill up our event childcare and maintain a waiting list. Letting us know right away affords another family to take advantage of the childcare. Please contact Poppy at


Please contact childcare provider Poppy at

You may contact the PEPS Luncheon team by emailing Jessica Brockman at

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