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Keep Your Group Together

Tips for Keeping Your Group Together

Some PEPS Alumni Groups continue meeting until the babies are ready for college. Here are some of the tips they have suggestion for keeping your group together.

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Don’t change the day or time you meet and keep meeting every week. If you miss one week then it won’t seem like you have missed nearly a whole month. Many successful groups that have stayed together for several years have kept their group day and time the same and haven’t changed it.

Dealing with naps: If it is a morning group that meets and the babies start changing their nap times, groups may move the time up a half an hour so everyone still comes in the morning.

Have Parents’ Nights out! Schedule them regularly, at least three or four months in a row just to get in the habit. If you are a couple’s group and you have nannies or capable babysitters, plan to have 2 caregivers watch the kids so you can all go out together. If not, have one couple at a time watch the kids.

Have a monthly barbeque, potluck, brunch or outing. Many couples groups have moved to this format once their children turn into toddlers because they meet in the evening and the children need to go to bed.

For groups who need a new format or when weekly meetings are not possible, try meeting once a month for a potluck and once a month for an outing.

Things can seem to falter from time to time. Often it takes just one person who will keep the group going. Many groups can keep going, after a bumpy schedule.

Adding new group members: Many PEPS groups choose to allow non-members to come in and feel that it enhances their group.

More ideas for PEPS Alumni Groups

Attend the PEPS Parent Talk Lecture Series together.

Take classes as a group. Many groups have signed up for Infant/Baby CPR, swimming, sign language, parenting classes etc.

PEPS Alumni groups can request the current version of the PEPS Speakers List. Please email Kelly Mazzola for your copy.

Throw a party for PEPS – think birthdays, holidays, cocktails – and raise money for families who need financial assistance. One in 12 PEPS families received a scholarship for between 25% and 75% of their program fee in 2013.

PEPS groups in the past have done a number of things to give back to the community. Learn more about Giving Back.

Attend the PEPS Annual Luncheon together.

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