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Group Activity Ideas

We polled some PEPS Groups and Group Leaders, and got some great ideas that PEPS Alumni Groups can do together.

Cocktail Party
After your group gets through those challenging first months with your newborns, you may find you are interested in new topics

Swim Classes
There are a wide variety of activities to choose from in our area, from swimming lessons to music to language classes.

PEPS Alumni Groups report lots of shared activities, classes, traveling and even charitable giving together. There is a wide variety of activities to choose from in our area, from swimming lessons to music to language classes. Check out Seattle activities, Eastside and Snohomish County lists!

Alumni PEPS Groups can take advantage of the PEPS speakers’ list. The folks on the list are professionals from various fields who volunteer their time to come and speak to PEPS Groups. Speakers are volunteers, so their availability is not guaranteed, and you need to give them plenty of notice. If you need a current copy of the speakers’ list, please contact

Here are a few examples of speakers at Alumni PEPS Groups:

  • “We had 2 different sleep specialists come after our official PEPS Group ended. Our group was still having sleep problems galore. So we got two sleep specialists with different views - the first leaning a little more towards the ‘cry it out’ method and the other more towards an attachment parenting approach. The whole group enjoyed having the two different points of view and the ability to take in the suggestions and apply what they needed in their household.”
  • Another participant reports that her group hadn’t been able to fit in during the first 12 weeks, and so scheduled several speakers to come to their alumni meetings.
  • Once past the newborn stage, you may be interested in new topics. One mom reports that her PEPS Alumni Group brought in a financial planner.

Another idea is to pay for consultants or other experts to speak to your whole group. This is a great way to continue to learn together and can be very economical too, since the cost for the class is split among all the members.

  • Topics to consider would be CPR, food and nutrition or other health related topics, or book a parent coach to come in.
  • Another mom reports that her group hired a baby sign language teacher.
  • If relaxation and pampering are more your speed, one group reports that they hired a manicurist to come in and give manicures during one of their alumni meetings – what a treat!

PEPS Alumni Groups also report lots of other shared activities, classes, traveling and even charitable giving together.

  • It’s fun to do Gymboree, Little Gym or open play time at Seattle Gymnastics Academy.
  • Lots of PEPS Group enjoy taking Nurturing Pathways classes together.
  • Forming a babysitting co-op is popular among Alumni Groups. One PEPS Alum told us, “we have a babysitting co-op and now that several of our families are expecting their second children, we are going to gift them extra baby-sitting points (and dinners!) to help them out when the new babies come.”
  • Several groups reported adopting families together at Christmas and planning or participating in fundraisers for local organizations.
  • Sitting together at the PEPS Annual Benefit Luncheon is also a fun event. It's easy to fill a table, see your PEPS friends and support the organization!

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