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Understanding Our Program Fees

Understanding PEPS Program Fees

Strength in numbers
3,340 parents and 2,374 babies were served by 434 volunteers, 14.5 board, and 8.3 staff in 2016.

Why Does PEPS Charge a Program Fee?

PEPS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that receives no government funding and relies on a combination of fees and contributions to keep providing the PEPS experience that thousands of parents have valued so much over the past 31 years.

Where Does My Money Go?

The fees and contributions PEPS receives are put to use by staff, board leadership and volunteers who work together to serve more than 3,300 parents annually.

Volunteers facilitate over 200 Newborn Groups – and lead over 2,500 meetings – each year.

  • We provide partial and full financial assistance to more than 100 families each year.
  • We reach out to doctors, midwives, doulas and organizations with information about PEPS programming and the need for support for new parents.
  • We provide site-based programs (Baby Peppers and Little Peppers), which require rented space and paid, trained leaders.
  • We conduct While You're Waiting Info Sessions for expectant and very-new parents to answer their questions about PEPS.
  • We process over 2,000 registrations and match over 2,500 parents into more than 200 PEPS Groups, directly speaking and communicating with parents as they await the arrival of their babies.
  • We recruit, train, evaluate and support more than 200 dedicated volunteer group leaders each year.

Training and Support Group Leaders

  • We partner with local organizations to ensure that our participants have access to information and resources on child development. Current partnerships in this area include Within Reach, Parent Trust, and the University of Washington Institute for Learning and Brain Science (I-LABS).
  • We partner with Perinatal Support Washington to provide drop-in support for PEPS parents needing additional support.
  • We track each PEPS Group’s progress week-by-week for 3 months and provide advice and resources to keep PEPS parents together after the formal program ends.
  • We develop and continually revise and update the curriculum and materials that our groups and leaders use. We also employ subject matter experts to contribute to our curriculum on topics such as breastfeeding, child development and postpartum mood disorders.
  • We produce articles and share important local and emerging resources to families in formal communications like newsletters, a PEPS blog, a resource-rich website, frequent email updates and an online community.
  • We approve and maintain a roster of guest speakers who donate their time and expertise to our groups on a variety of parenting topics.
  • We offer PEPS Events.
  • We evaluate our programs against the five protective factors of the Strengthening Families™ approach. Using these benchmarks to survey parents about their PEPS experience, we continuously improve our program and delivery, and respond to changing needs in our community.
  • We raise funds from individuals, companies, and community, private and family foundations to support our programs and offer them at an affordable rate.
  • And, like any organization or company, we pay for phones, website, database and IT, rent for our offices and training/meeting space, and required administrative and accounting functions.

Support and Revenue
Support and Revenue

Our goal is to ensure that PEPS is available to new parents and parents of growing families when they most need it.

Your fees and contributions make that possible.

For more than 35 years, parents in King and Snohomish Counties have been able to rely on PEPS. These parents have paid it forward so that future parents can have similarly powerful experiences. This is the strength of the PEPS community in action.

Financial Assistance is available to cover part or all of your program fee. Even if you feel you don’t qualify for financial aid, if you feel stretched by the cost of participating in a PEPS Group, please ask about financial assistance.

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