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MAIA PEPS serves LGBTQ families 1
MAIA PEPS serves LGBTQ families
We not only believe in the power of social connection during new parenthood, we know that the connections and peer learning opportunities provided by PEPS Groups are shaping the healthy development of babies, building resilience in families, and fostering healthier communities. The science that supports the work PEPS does, along with the feedback we get from PEPS families, only compels us to do more.

PEPS launched an expansion pilot project in 2013 to develop a model of our best practices and program delivery to share with organizations interested in providing parent peer support in their communities. This project evolved into the PEPS Network. Through the PEPS Network, we provide training and consulting to organizations and communities to help them launch parent peer-support groups.

PEPS Network Members include:

Amara, Seattle, WA

MAIA Midwifery & Fertility Services, Seattle, WA

Partners in Parenting (PIP), Austin, TX

HBHM Piko Pals - Honolulu, HI

Room One, Twisp, WA

Seattle Families of Multiples - Seattle, WA

Temple de Hirsch Sinai - Seattle, WA

Wonderland Developmental Center, Shoreline, WA

In 2014-2016, PEPS Network Members have served more than 250 families in over 25 groups!

The PEPS Network has also included pilot programs in Bonn Germany with bonn baby, and in Seattle with the Boyer Children’s Clinic and the Greater Seattle YMCA. In 2015-2016, PEPS piloted direct service delivery Portland, OR.

If you are interested in joining the PEPS Network, please fill out the PEPS Network Inquiry Form. If you would like more information about the PEPS Network or PEPS expansion to other cities, please email

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