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Preparing Parents and Building Community

Since 1983, thousands of Puget Sound parents have become PEPS parents. Sharing is at the heart of every PEPS group and many participants speak up to tell their stories. We listen carefully to participant feedback, both through informal narratives and structured surveys, to continually enhance and expand our programs.

What Participants Say about PEPS

Every day, parents tell us what a positive force PEPS has been in their lives.

Sleep Deprived Dads: Where can a new father turn when he's just as sleep-deprived as his wife and is feeling a bit overwhelmed by parenting?

Finding a Safe Place: It was the one place I could go and NOT have to explain why my 22 month old wasn't walking yet or why, at age 3.5, he can't always use his big boy words.

Get Out the Door: Getting out with our babies to a PEPS meeting meant we could venture out other places with them too, like the grocery store...and everyone would survive.

More parents share their PEPS experience in these additional stories.


PEPS evaluates our programs by surveying parents before and after their groups. We measure program success by asking about satisfaction with our programs, but also by asking parents about their perceptions about the five protective factors for family wellness:

  1. Parental Resilience
  2. Social Connections
  3. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
  4. Concrete Resources in Times of Need
  5. Social-Emotional Competence in Children

Our outcomes evaluations confirm that a majority of PEPS participants feel less isolated, more confident and competent about their parenting skills, aware of parenting resources in their community and neighborhood and well connected with people who support them as parents.

"After PEPS", parents say:

  • 92% "I feel confident about my ability to parent well."
  • 90% "I know about typical stages of development in a baby."
  • 89% "I have connections to people who can support me as a parent."
  • 84.2% "I feel I can manage my day-to-day routine and handle tasks that need to be done."
  • 74% "I know about local resources for families."

Pre/Post-Group Participant Surveys, 2014

Read our full Outcomes Report to learn more about the impact PEPS has made among Puget Sound parents.

Your Investment Makes An Impact

PEPS makes an impact in more than 3,000 families each year. Your gift to PEPS is an investment in healthy families in our community by helping us to train more volunteer leaders, continually develop our curriculum and by providing financial assistance for parents who cannot pay the program fee.

Learn more about the PEPS Mission and Vision and read our Annual Reports.

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